Oct 1, 2007
I search for these questions on here and didnt find them and dont trust google to much bad information?

Would should you do after ever ride as in cleaning? Do you have to clean the bike even if you ride it 5 minutes? Say I ride it 3-4 times a day for 15-20 minutes can I clean it at the end of day? Also how and with what should I clean it with?

How do you tell if you have a o ring on your?

Is a dirt bike like riding a motorcycle?

Also I was wondering do you think I could get a YZ125 or a CR!@% for about 1250 that is about 99-01 or 02? I have seen a couple that is in good condition?


Jul 17, 2006
1. You don't have to clean it at all if you don't want to. I clean it off by plugging the exhaust and air filter. Give it a good clean with the pressure washer, let it dry for a while then get out the de-watering fluid.

2. If the chain says o-ring on it.

3. A dirt bike is a motorcycle.

4. I live i Australia so count me out for this one.


Nov 27, 2006
for the last one yes you could find that deal. i got my 2003 kx125 for $2000. and it had v-force reeds, pro circuit pipe and silencer, and brand new dunlop tires. so there are deals out there you just gotta search for them


Sep 8, 2007
a dirt bike is not like riding a motorcycle... it is substantially different, first off your angle of attack is much different, your seating is higher, your traction and grip is entirely different. Also the suspension is entirely different then for instance a sport bike... It is an off road motorcycle and should not be taken as anything similar to a SPORT OR STREET BIKE. Its called a dirtbike for a reason.

Riding a dirtbike on asphalt or concrete can be dangerous

I clean my bike almost every ride . That includes air filter, i also check my plug, and make sure its securely tightened after every ride.

I also clean my chain and lube it up.

I break down linkage and swing arm every few rides to clean and lube

front wheel/back wheel and all bearings should be greased and cleaned every few rides..

I bleed the air out of my front shocks every few rides as well.

I change fluid every 8 hours of riding sometimes less. That includes, coolant, crankcase/tranny oil, gas tank, everything!

If you ride everyday for a few hours like me you are going to most likely have near daily maintenece... if you want your bike to keep ticking!


Oct 1, 2007
Ok I was talking like riding a motorcycle I know there different on that. I was taking about the set up? Like gear shifting the same clutch?


Apr 18, 2006
The basics are the same:
clutch perch is on the left handlebar.
Front brake on right handlebar
Gas is twist grip on right handlebar.
Rear brake is pedal operated by the right foot.
the gear shift is a pedal operated by the left foot, press down to shift down, lift up to shift up

How/when you shift can be dramatically different, especially if you are riding a two stroke 125.

To climb hills or provide performance you MUST keep the small two strokes "in the power band", which basically means keep them rev'ed up. If the hill is too steep you need to shift down early. If you are trying to get going you may need to slip the clutch a whole bunch.

The biggest difference between riding a street bike and riding a dirt bike is the likelihood of crashing. On a street bike you might go down so you wear a helmet, and maybe a leather jacket. On a dirt bike you WILL go down, so you wear a much better helmet, gloves, chest protector, kneed pads, etc.

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