South Texas Spodefest @ National Forest ?


Just thinking about organizing one at Sam Houston National Forest on the East side. How about August 3rd thru Aug 5th ?:D


That would be great. How many southeast Tx and southwest La. riders are there out there? The Dallas folks are within 200 miles also. Go far it.
Need any help let me know.


Sprayin tha game
N. Texas SP
I might can get in on that. What's the deal with spark arrestors in the forest? What are the requirements and is there any way to get around it besides buying one. I'm kinda cheap, not to mention pressed for cash.


There might be a problem with east side if anyone is camping, I don't think camping is allowed at east or west trailheads. Will have to use Kelly's pond trailhead where you can camp. Also there are picnic tables there. Just a thought.