Oct 19, 2006
I tightened mine using an inexpensive in*lb torque wrench and an Allen adapter. Those specialty torque wrenches are really expensive. This method requires you remove the tire, however (not a big deal once you get some practice). If you need to replace spokes you'll need to remove the tire anyways. New spokes can be purchased from a dealer for about $2-4 a piece. Replacing a spoke is simple, simply unscrew the nipple in the rim and remove the spoke from the hub. I torqued my spokes on my CR250 to 30 inch*lbs, your CRF is probably less. Once you bring your spokes up to tension, you'll have to true the wheel. This involes loosening and tightening spokes until the rim is straight and the hub is centered in the rim. I highly suggest practicing on a bicycle rim as dirt bike rims are much more difficult. There are a lot of websites on google with good information if you do a seach.
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