St. Anthony Sand Dunes, A Once Again


Jun 18, 2000
Last Friday we dicided last minute to head on over to the St. Anthony Sand Dunes in South East Idaho. They were just as big and beautiful as last Labor Day except this time we had blue skies, not pouring rain every couple of hours. I was nervous this time b/c I had never used a paddle tire before and I know how hard it can be to ride in deep, dry sand. We got out there on the dunes at about 6 pm. The entrace to the dunes has a masive section of non stop whoops. It felt so good to rail across them. The tire felt weird and it took me a little while to get used to it but once I did, I was loving life on those huge mountains of sand. My YZ125 did awesome! I was the only bike out our group that could really get up and get on it. Must be my light weight or something compared to the boys on there 250's. I rode my bike like its supposed to rode - "baap bap bubap bap bap baaaaaaaaap!" not "buuhh buuh buuubuuhhh!" like I seem to ride it on the track. I even climbed competition hill no problem! I cant wait to go back! I highly recommend the dunes to anyone and everyone. There were a lot of people there but plenty of room for all of us and the temps stayed in the 80's.


Sep 9, 2000
I'm so jealous I can't see right now. I haven't been to the dunes this year, and when all my friends decided to go I had a broken wrist. I'm still recovering from the wrist but I'll be hitting the track next week.

St. Anthony has some awesome dunes. My favorite hill is chokecherry.

Is competition hill the big hill behind the parking area? I have heard it called competition hill a number of times but I've always refered it to Thunder Mt. I probably have the names of the hills mixed up.

Ill have to get up there before the snow flies for sure.


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Sep 15, 1999
Hey Sir check out the Palces to ride forum.......

I too would like to get over to St. Anthony..I got my first taste of Dune riding over in Oregon a month ago and what a blast. No air for me just lots of Bowl Flushing round and round and round and round........
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