Sep 1, 1999
Several months ago I got a steering damper and it was one of the best things I have ever spent money on. My question is why dont the pro mxers and off roaders use them more?

I will be at the national enduro this weekend in Del Norte and I will be taking note of how many national riders use them.


Nov 13, 1999
I think most pro offroaders DO use them. MXers? Well I think they are very influenced by peer pressure. Look how many never used handguards or chest protectors. Along comes the coolest kid since Elvis - using handguards and now handguards are OK for moto.

Perhaps the factories think dampers imply that their stock bikes are poor handlers and won't allow their riders to use them. The sheep follow the factories.

Now a better question is why the manufacturers don't build them into the bikes as OEM. I'd like to see something integrated into the top triple instead of an add-on wart (for instance).

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
I'm also surprised more MX racers don't use them. They work great!

Most riders have never owned a steering damper,so they don't know what they are missing. The Average Joe would rather get his bike cheaper and spend the $300+ for a pipe and silencer that does next to nothing.

Some of today's standard features used to be aftermarket only, like aluminum swingarms. Maybe someday dampers will be original equipment, but its going to be a while until the market demands them.
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