Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
So the Dow Jones Industrials went below 10,000. And the Hi-tech Stocks are feeling the heat...

Does this effect any of you guys?

Is there any tangible change in your businesses?

How about your plans for motorcycles?

What area's do you thing get nailed the hardest when we go through these corrections cycles.

The real-estate market crashed out here in Colorado. It actually slowed down over this last year and now is dead for homes over 400,000, slow for homes over 300,000, but still going strong for homes under 300,000. New housing has taken a hit here as well.:(

Where my family is moving has been dead economically for ever anyway (Central New York State) so zero minus zero...is still ZERO!


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
North East USA
I’ve got nearly 20 years before I have to dip into anything for retirement so I’m just continuing to buy (now’s the time) and holding what I have. My boy’s college money is tied up in some funds that are falling now but they were getting 25 to 30% returns for 5 years in a row so I’m still ahead of the game even though I’ll be cashing in some of it this year.

At work our orders are down over 30% from last year and we have had to layoff several factory employees. I appear to be fairly safe in new product development but budgets are very tight. In previous down turns we poured money into new products so we were in a strong position when the market opened up again. It worked very well for us in the past so we’re using the same strategy this time too.


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Oct 4, 1999
New Mexico
Originally posted by weimedog

Where my family is moving has been dead economically for ever anyway (Central New York State) so zero minus zero...is still ZERO!

It keeps the housing prices down, though! Actually, you just need to go a little south and west (of your new location) for a major telecom employer. :)

Unfortunately, we've suffered several layoff episodes already, mostly in manufacturing, but one hit very close to home. I'm glad I'm in R&D, as we are taking advantage of the slowdown to get a jump start on the competition. We have some money from the sale of our IL house, but it stays in an account for now. We were planning on a new roof and some new carpet, but I think we'll wait a bit until things start picking up again.

It will get better, just a matter of time.


Jan 10, 2000
The plant I work at layed off almost half of its employess this spring. Some have been hired back since. BTW I work for a tier 1/2 auto parts supplier.


Sep 13, 2000
They just slashed my travel budget. As a salesman with a 3 state territory it makes it hard to visit customers without any money. Oh well, I'll just hang with the dog in my office on DRN.

Farmer John

T.C.F.<br>(tire changin' fool)
Mar 8, 2000
My office is about 1 mile from HP. Lots of unsetteled people.

I'm kind of in a way happy to see all the .com people leaving.
Traffic is better. No one is paying 200k over listed pricing on homes. I can get fooz ball macines & pool tables cheap.
20 months ago a lady paid 960k for a 750 square foot house in Palo Alto. It's lot makes a stamp look roomy. She has since been laid off & is trying to sell this glorified out house for 800k & is upset no one is bidding.

My wife & I work in the medical industry. As long as the gang members in San Jose keep beating each other up, we will have jobs :think

For the past two years there has been a lottery for kids to get into my son's school (he was vested in because we had owned property in the district for over 5 years).
This year there are 10-15 openings in every grade.


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May 5, 2000
It's a good time to be 75% nuts and quite a bit less than 100% long the market. :)


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
Farmer John, LOVE your commentary. My wife also works in the medical indusrty. Part of the reason we are moving...

I know a person who is trying to buy a house down by San Diego. Any idea what that market looks like now?

Me; I'm an EX computer guy. Sold vapor ware like the rest of them. Not as sorry to see a correction in the .com business as some. I just hope they don't pull the rest of the ecomomy down with them. Actaully .com can be pretty cool, DRN is an example of one of the coolest applications of .com. Its just all the cheesey Junk thats an attempt to get bucks for little or no value added that aggrevates me. And the ones living high on the hog on venture capital making believe they are building a valuable .com business...they aggrevate me as well. This economy will make that tougher to do.

DRN and places like DRN are worth something. Adds value to my life and many others. Got to get through that move and real-estate crap so I can thank them.:cool:
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Apr 11, 2001
I work @ a place where pers. data & comm. chips are made, one of the very few silicon valley-type factories (fab) in SoCa. Having survied the 2nd wave of pink slips by taking a demotion, it sure beats being on the street. Lost 1/2 of my staff, & I'm now just another engineer :eek:; have 8-years of of high-$ construction management, but haven't built anything worth mentioning in 2-3 years.

Co. stocks went from a high of $130 in the early spring of '00 to ~12 last week. All my options are essentially worthless.

I had a choice of either not riding or replacing the piston (it was time). We'll, that was an easy & cheap one.

My boy's tennis lessons have ceased, as have tournaments.

Home sales in the lower bracket remain brisk, & the bottom is eroding in the mid to upper ranges. Business vacantcies are up to '89 levels, but residental rentals availabilities are low; we belive people cannot afford to move (1st & last, down payments) due to mounting personal debt & over extension.

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