Dec 10, 2002
alright, so i'm in dallas for the next two weeks... I saw the medieval times on the way to the hotel. Besides taking a cab to there for a drunken night to myself. is there anything else worthwile doing in the downtown area?


Aug 12, 2003
to use an old quote"only two things come from texas,boy" this should be your first clue.Second, try another cab ride...To the AIRPORT! all joking aside Dallas is very nice this time of year


Freedom Ain't Free
Jul 3, 1999
Go to the West End if your into the safe touristy thing. Nice place with some good shops and restaurants, might find you a young honey too but be advised, Dallas women are very expensive. :eek:

If your the more daring type head down to Deep Elum and you could geta cool tattoo and some serious body piecing done

Here is the link for Deep Elum

DO NOT get off any freeway South of Dallas unless your packing some serious fire-power, do not get caught on Cedar Sprint by Twinny or you'll be in for a real treat, and whatever you do, at all cost avoid the Plano suburbs :scream:

Green Horn

aka Chip Carbone
N. Texas SP
Jun 20, 1999
The West End is a bit spendy but pretty cool. Deep Elum is alot of fun but has it's rougher parts. There is also a strip known as "lower Greenville" which is a section of Greenville Ave. with a bunch of bars. It's a fun place and doesn't seem to attract the "too far out" crowd like Deep Elum. Lower Greenville was my favorite place to hang out when I was in my binge drinking ages. Worst case, Twinny can take you to his favorite night clubs over in the Greenlawn area. :)
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Jul 11, 2001
Poor David's Pub in Lower Greenville has lots of good live music, mostly in a country vein, but good Texas country for the most part, not that syrupy Top-40 country crap. Lots of good live music at places like Cafe Brazil, the Coffee Haus, Red Jacket, the Lizard Lounge. Pick up an "Observer" and read the Music section for more. Also, lots of good restaurants. For steaks, Chamberlain's is my favorite; for Greek food, the Cafe Greek on Preston. For Mexican, I like Cantina Laredo in Addison; try the carnitas--best chipotle salsa on the planet. You ought to try the Mansion on Turtle Creek if you can afford it; the medallions of boar and tortilla soup are famous. For barbecue, Sonny Bryan's is popular, but I prefer Rick's Famous Barbecue on Webb Chapel below Belt Line. If you have a chance, borrow a motorcycle and ride the Red River Cycle Trails above Muenster, about 2 hours from downtown. Some of the best 2,500 acres anywhere. Open during the week by appointment, and open weekends for anybody who shows up.


Dec 22, 2002
Hey there..looks like you are here for your potential job transfer. Go check out Mosier Valley MX - they will be going Tuesday thru Thursday 5:30 to about 9:30. It is just south and west of the airport. You might as well check out everything important!

There are lots of food/bar/women places in the west end and lower greenville area also.

Tony Eeds

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N. Texas SP
Jun 9, 2002
ZT - I am sorry I only found this thread!

Are you in town the 19th? I am out of town all week, but will be getting back on Friday afternoon.

If that works, how about dinner and a tour around the town? C and I will show you a bit of the place. Call me on my cell phone ... 214-763-0416.
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