Surprise - treated right by a dealer!!!!!!!!!


Mar 28, 2003
My son rides a '96 KDX200 and the gas tank began leaking from a crack where the fuel petcock goes into the tank. Rather than mess with trying to find a way to patch it I started pricing replacement tanks on the internet. Prices ranged from a little over $100 to well over $200. On a whim I decided to call Kelly's Kawasaki in Mesa to price an OEM replacement tank (figuring an outrageous price would make me feel better about ordering one over the net.


The service guy at Kellys asked if it was a green tank or a purple tank. I told him purple and he said "Let me call you right back". An hour later he called back saying he still needed to talk to his manager but wanted to let me know he hadn't forgottten me. The next day the Service Manager from Kellys called to say he had called Kawasaki and he would replace the tank for FREE.

I am the third owner of this bike that is nearly 8 years old and I have never purchased anything from Kellys other than a $5.65 bolt. I was absolutely amazed at the quality and friendliness of their service staff. Never ever been treated that well by a dealer. It was a very nice surprise.


Mar 27, 2002
One for the goods guys. :thumb:



Mi. Trail Riders
Oct 28, 2001
Looks like both the dealer *and* Kawasaki did the right thing - Thanks for taking the time to post positive feedback. Most times you just hear the horror stories.

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