Jan 2, 2001
I finally rode my new 200 tonight.I cant believe I waited so long to start riding again.I forgot what the "rush" was all about!The bike feels great except for the front end.I can't afford the proper springs for my weight(170 lbs.)and was wondering what settings are the best(clicker #'s and oil level,wieght)for overall hammering with the stock fork springs.Thanks to everyone at this site for all the jetting tips,new bike prep,etc.Porter.


Jul 7, 2000
I'm about your weight 165#s and after talking to Jeremy Wilkey at MXTech he convinced me to keep the stock fork springs and go lighter on the rear. I bought the lighter rear spring (4.6kg) and am now considering revalving the forks. I've found that no amount of twisting clickers can keep the front end from deflecting on rocks/roots etc. without seriously impacting bottoming resistance. I'm still working on it.


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Dec 10, 2000
At 170 lbs., you will never get the forks to be very good unless you toss the stock .35 springs for some .40's or .41's. They are only about $80 for a set. It is money well spent, and is probably the single best improvement you can do to the KDX. With the stock springs, the forks ride around at half-mast all the time, keeping them down in the firm part of the travel, giving up plushness, and causing deflection and harshness. The stiffer springs will improve the handling tremendously, as the front and rear will be in better balance.


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Mar 28, 2001
Goin' Cheap!!

set your fork oil level at 95mm (fully compressed & spring out), that will help the bottom out problem with out costing much more than oil & some time.

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