Sep 13, 2001
Ok for starters I have a 1999 kx125 with stock suspension. I weigh a 185lbs(I know heavey for a 125 but lots of fun to wipe) 5'10''. I race 125 beginner here in Canada and freestyle alot. So I'm wondering on what I should do my forks have never bottomed but my shock bottoms of little 50ft doubles. So any tips at all would be liked.


Oct 9, 2000
First off, get rid of the evil stock progressive springs and get straight rate ones that are proper rates for you. That makes a HUGE improvement on that particular bike.
The shock has a short rubber dampner and the linkage ratio allows it to contact the fender upon bottoming. The only good way to control this bottoming problem is to revalve the suspension.
From what I am told, KX's have extremely light valving stock. No amount of respringing will control the bottoming. Trust me on this one, I tried:confused: . I have extremely stiff springs, but it just ruins plushness and he bike still bottoms.
At your weight and claim of "freestyle", I owuld recomd greatly that you get at least stiffer springs and if you want your suspension perfect, get it revalved.

Sorry that there is no "simple" answer, just ones that cost alot of money!:D


Aug 25, 2000
Good advise Kawie, the right spring will be your first move. You may also want to look into at least getting the shock serviced (oil changed, etc.) if it has not recently been done.
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