Jeff Roberts

May 5, 2001
Ineed some input on continuing the use of Golden Specto oil. I just got rid of my Honda and bought a brand new KDX220 I was using a 50/1 mix in the Honda with no ill effects and need to know what to run in the Kawi. I am running a 40/1 mix now for the breakin????? Jeff

G. Gearloose

Pigment of ur imagination
Jul 24, 2000
Jeff you likely already know this, but to sum up; going to 50:1 will result a richer A/F ratio, more spooge & less crisp running. Most recommend leaving the oil ratio a constant and rejet to conditions. The bike is delivered jetted fat to begin with, even at our low elevation.

There is data that more oil can net more power when jetted correctly, plus less wear; power valve gunk is more related to bad jetting and in some conditions oil quality.

You can get it to run clean at 32 or 40:1

congrats on the new ride

Perhaps you havn't come across this yet.
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Canadian Dave

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Apr 28, 1999
Ratios between 40 and 50:1 are common place on low revving engines like in the KDX. If 50:1 with GS worked good in your CR I don’t see any reason not to continue running it in your KDX at the same ratio. It just so happens that Jeff Fredette runs GS at 50:1.


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