tagalong caught her first air today!!!!!

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Jun 1, 2000
My wife, otherwise known as Tagalong, caught her first air today!!! YIPEEE!! She got her TTR 125L (first bike) last fall but she didn't get to ride it much. She's been puting in some sadle time the last few weeks and looks real good. She thinks I'm just saying that but it's true. She's been getting the basics down, so last weekend she went over her first log and learned how to pop a wheelie. She was worried about popping wheelies when taking off so I convinced her to pop some on purpose (while rolling in first gear). The idea was to make it a little less scary if she pops one on accident.

Well today was the big day. When I got home from getting my hair cut she came walking upto me with her gear on. She said "let me show you something new". I thought she's learned how use the base of the hill as a berm or something. I sure never expected to see what was to follow. I heard her get turned around in the bottom and hit third gear. She came flying over one of my ramps. Tagalong caught some air!!!! YIPPEEE!!!

She's picking this stuff up qretty quick. HMMM, maybe I better hold back a secret or two. I wouldn't want her to show me up in front of my friends.

I told tagalong to post this but she said she wasn't ready yet. She wanted to wait until she had something interesting to tell. Just thought I would brag a little.



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Oct 26, 1999
Neal, that's great. Tagalong, way to go :) (heck, if you can't boast to friends about catching your first air, I can't wait to read an interesting ride report - way to go) :)

Neal, wish all males would give their partners encouragement and realise that not saying something means you did good.


Aug 13, 1999
Wooohoooo!!! Way to go Tagalong! Thanks for the update Neal. I agree, it is great to see you so excited for her and to see her so excited to ride.

She's lucky to have someone that encourages her (I know I am!). Just remember, sometimes it gets frustrating always being the student. Karl is very patient and encouraging but we ride dirtbikes, snowmobiles, jetskis, mountain bikes.....together and sometimes I get frustrated at not being as good of a rider as he is (he rides everything anywhere and I don't) or at not progressing as fast as I want to.

I was really frustrated a couple weeks ago when we were riding mountain bikes at lunch everyday. His schedule changed so we can't meet for lunch so I have been going by myself for the last week and my confidence is coming back . Plus, I am challenging myself more each time. Of course I still have the cell phone on and I don't do anything that is too extreme but, I am making it up and down many of the technical hills that I was walking before. I think sometimes you get caught up in thinking, oh yeah, he made it up that hill but he's a really good rider and I'm not so I'll walk. With him not there I can give it a couple tries and eventually I make it up or down.

The help he gives me when we do ride it invaluable. Just riding behind him and watching his technique helps a lot. Then when we switch and he tells me what I do wrong or right I can work on that too.

Sorry to ramble but, sounds like Tag has a great partner too! Tell her to get in here & brag on herself!! ;)
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