TeiKei Carb

Feb 16, 2001
I have a TeiKei 30mm Carb on my '99 TTr 250
I was wondering if anybody had any info on this carb?
Is it a cv carb or a pumper?
I want to do a little fiddling with my settings, and would like to know as much as possible about the carb before I go and mess things up....
Any info or a point in the right direction is appreciated...
Oct 4, 2000
NEEDSPEED, Check with DRN member and long time rider CRX . He has a 99 TTR250 and has done some research on that carb. Seek him out in the member directory and email him if he doesn't see this thread and respond. He is very knowledgable and helpful.



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Mar 14, 2001
NeedSpeed --
I have a 2000, which is probably unchanged from your bike.

The carb is a pumper carb. I have been playing with the jetting on my carb as well. With the snorkel and baffle removed, I raised the needle one notch, but I think I'm going to go one more. The bike pops a bit around 1/2 throttle.

As far as jets are concerned, Yamaha does not list different jets for the bike. But the smae style of carb is also on the 95 XT600. The carb is a different size, but the jets are the same. Also, I've been told the 6mm Keihin round jets will also work, but the sizing is different. You will need to go down 1 or 2 sizes to use the Keihin jets.

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