Jun 21, 2001
My fingers are crossed that someday one of the race broadcasting networks wil rig a bike up so that it shows telemetry- just like they already do in 4-wheel motorsports. Just imagine how much learning you could get from that! But the truth is that ESPN2 is miserably slow in even showing regular race coverage, so I might as well forget about them adding anything special. ABC though, has already tried the cable-cam idea, and it looked great, so maybe they might eventually try telemetry. No matter how hard I look its about impossible to see the riders finger when they grab a little front brake, and theres all kinds of other things that would be way cool to see displayed. I guess I can only hope, but it seems to me that telemetry would be as valuable as any book or video for learning from.


Feb 20, 2001
Telemetry is the broadcast of the functions of the car (or motorcycle in this case) like braking, RPM, ect. over radio. It is then displayed as you watch an in-car (or helmet cam) view. It would allow you to see when the pro was braking and/or accelerating. It is for those who watch too much TV. It would do much better just to go running instead. :)

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