texas offroad racing organization (toro)

will pattison

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Jul 24, 2000
hey racers!

i know that there have been lots of questions lately regarding the startup of the texas offroad racing organization (toro) championship series this winter. the reader's digest version of what's going on right now is that we are working our asses off! starting a new series involves a wagon-load of jobs from creating a standard gate receipt to securing a series sponsor, and the number of details sometimes seems overwhelming. however, we have a great team of folks working daily, and we hope to launch the product on august 15th with a mailer and links to our website. both will provide a method for mail-in series signup, which will be limited to 500 riders.

the website will have answers to all your questions i imagine, but i can answer a few here: yes, toro will be running dead engine starts. toro will be run on a time-plus-one-lap format. there will be 6 races, 5 of which will count towards series awards. the races will rotate so that everyone will get 2 chances out of 6 to ride the track first. practice will be limited to specific times on saturday, and will be organized according to skill level - minis and ladies get their own practice.

our current board of directors looks like this:

shawn goolsby
doyle rodgers
mark marshall
brian storrie
bill pearson
stephen griner

as we finalize job descriptions and positions, we will announce the remainder of the staff. i am the chairman of the board and the series president, and would be happy to answer any questions i am able to at this time. feel free to email me off line at any time.

will pattison
president, board chairman
texas offroad racing organization


Freedom Ain't Free
Jul 3, 1999
Let me know if you need any help, I would be happy to volunteer my time. I would like race & practice but time permitting I'll do whatever I need to help T.O.R.O. get started (even though ya'll started them bass ackwards dead engine starts) and suck to Brian S. so I can ride his farm.;)

Seriously, I'm really excited about the series and I am willing to help you guys in anyway you need me too.:cool:


Alowishus Devadander
Nov 10, 1999
Sounds like a North Texas series? Maybe us Okie's can make it down for a few winter training rides.

I don't know if you are going to mail out to OCCRA's mailing list or not, but I would like to be on there. I'll mail you my addy if you need it.

will pattison

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Jul 24, 2000
smitty, we would love to have you. you'll be able to download the series signup form from the website and mail it in.

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