Flying Rhino

Aug 21, 2001
I have been a web junkie for a long time, and am really amazed at how it is impacting our sport. The amount of information that is now available is incredible.

I have been so impressed with the education one can receive about any aspect of our sport over quality websites like this one.

These forums are an education for anyone willing to take the time and read the huge amount of information now available,thanks to DNR, and some of the other few that are moving us forward over the net.

I recently was looking for some parts for my suspension and went to Race Techs new site. I was glad to see they have added the shop on line feature with a full fledged shopping cart. I was a little disappointed on how long it took me to get to check out although it worked well al the same.

I also have heard from some of my riding friends that MX-TECH is about to unveil a kick butt site. I have heard the Enterprise side of it is supposed to be killer. The guy told me it will hook all of they franchises together....that will be a first. If any of you guys know of some good sites for us internet junkies let me know.

Although I still think this is the best I have seen yet though!

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