The Triple Crown format ... the future?

Are Supercross broadcasts too long?

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Dec 31, 1969
Dallas, Texas
I don't miss anything MX/SX related on TV.

We've put up with having to tune to 3 different channels to watch one round of the Nationals. Delayed broadcasts that where shown at 3:00am. While SX broadcasts have mostly been easier to catch, for last season's outdoors, I actually bought the CBS or NBC (?) "Sports extra" thing, so I could be sure to see all the rounds. It was worth it. It also included a lot of extra content, including practice/qualifying coverage, interviews, etc. But there's a problem, even with the paid viewing.

It takes too long to watch.

3-4 hours is a fairly large commitment on a Saturday evening. If you're on the east coast, a large number of the races will keep you up until 1 am to watch them live. Here in the Republic, most start at 9:00. How about all those Cali rounds start a little earlier in the day? 2/3rds of the country would be thankful. If I'm not mistaken, round 4 in Glendale (PHX) will start earlier, airing here (central time) at 7:00. Much better.

So on to the point, finally.

I really enjoyed the 3 main format. They tried to make it clear that it's not the same as the Monster Cup, but for all practical purposes, it is the same. And it works. "Average" viewers in this short-attention-span era don't care about qualifiers, heats and LCQ's. IMHO, they need to take it a step further and do what it takes to get the broadcast down to 2 hours. Maybe just two "main" events for each class? Sound familiar? It works outside, why not for SX? Throw in some qualifying highlights between moto's, a couple of rider segments, done. The spots about riders is important (especially )for newer viewers, it's a way to "invest" and gain a favorite, etc.

What do you think?
Jul 27, 1999
Agreed! Get to the stuff that matters and get on with it.
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Nov 21, 2000
I like the 3 moto format but the races need to be longer. A lot of what I like to see is a fast guy that gets a bad start and works his way through the pack. With the shorter format it's more like watching a drag race.

I record all the races so I can watch the late ones on Sunday. It's nice to be able to fast forward through all the crap, although I like the pictures that get sent in and I stop to see them. Some are pretty lame but every once in a while they have a good one.
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Jun 30, 1999
After watching Monster Jam for the first time I have to say that with this new format it is just a move by Feld to get to a Monster Jam format. No real racing, just entertainment. That is fine for some but not what I want to pay for. SX has always been a bit of a circus attraction but the new format takes it a step further and I don't see it being truly competitive anymore. I am not a fan of the new format.
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