too much oil in crf

Sep 1, 2003
OK Im an idiot I put a whole quart of oil in my 04 crf 450r I thought thats what the salesman said but after i read the book I found out different. I raced a hare scramble and after that there was about 1" or so of oil in that tube coming off the motor. Is there anything I could have damaged? The bike seems to run fine...

Also do you guys buy a new oil filter every oil change? My dealer charges like 13 bucks for an oil filter who has them cheaper?
Jan 27, 2000
If you haven't blown any oil seals or gaskets, you should be ok. That tube is the breather tube and that is where the extra oil will go. Since the CRF450 doesn't hold very much oil I run my oil level all the way to the top of the sight glass. So far, no problems.

It's a good idea to change the filter often. Also, inspect the filter closely. If there are any problems in the engine you will see small metal particles in the filter.

Check with your local auto parts store on the filter. Fram is supplying some of the smaller filters to them.