May 9, 2007
After a race last week end I completely tore my bycep tendon loading my bike onto my trailer Doctor told me 2 and a 1/2 months to recover 100 percent. Anybody experience anything like this>


Mar 7, 2001
i had a wreck a few years back and my bicep was torn from away from the bone. it took several months before i started to feel like i could start lifting anything more than 12oz..


Jul 8, 2006
i just tore my bicep muscle and ruptured a tendon in my left shoulderr.. had surgery april 3rd and had to weear a sling for a bout a month. now im recovering going to physical therapy about 2-3 times a week. Defiantley a painful injury..I did this snowboarding.


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Jun 8, 2003
i tore mine about 6-years ago and had surgery to staple it back to bone. was not as bad as yours as i waited for a low time in work/fun before having it done. i think that 2.5 months is optimistic for 100% recovery as you can't do much more than about 10-lbs lifting for some weeks until it heals and then do physical therapy to regain strength and movement. i think a realistic number is something like 6-months for 100% if you have time for proper workout and even then you may have some range of motion reduction. in my case surgery was necessary for 100% strength regain but the surgery itself was intrusive enough to cause its own problems that i had to overcome. was a tradeoff risk in an attempt to keep 100% use of the arm and not have a nagging injury when i get to old(er) age

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