Nov 20, 2000
I've located a late model CR80 front end complete with wheel, brakes,bars and master cylinder and I was thinking of puttng it on my honey's TTR. Anyone else tried this or have any ideas about why it wouldn't work?



Aug 22, 2000

It'll work. It just depends on how much time, money, machine shop ability and know-how you have.

It ain't easy, it ain't cheap, but it can be done.

The actual switch to the CR forks is relatively easy. Remove the steering head/stem assy. and evaluate it - some of them have a stem which is pressed in. If this is the case, have the TTR stem pressed out, and the CR stem pressed out, then have the TTR stem pressed into the CR triple clamp.

Now assemble like stock. Now you have a great chopper. It's up to you to decide how to fix it. Most end up converting a rear shock/swingarm also.

Like I said, it isn't cheap.

In most cases, if your wife is out-riding the stock suspension, then the cheaper choice is to purchase a different bike. If this bike fits her perfectly, and she loves everything else about it, then a conversion is an option, but in the long run, I believe most other riders have found the BBR conversion to be cheaper and easier than a do-it-yourself setup.


May 30, 2001
Gonna need the BBR rear swingarm and a works shock (nearly a grand for the pair).

Since you already got the CR stuff, just do the BBR frame for another $3200, That comes with the swing arm, and they can tell you how to set it up so you don't kill yourself (priceless information if you think about it).


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