Jul 5, 2003
Hey everyone im 6' 2" and have a Yz125 i just bought im trying to get ready to race it and i was wondering if anyone could give me some tips or help my technique i took it to the track for practice and i can double everything and most of the time not flat land its just the cornering that gets me every time i try i spin out and fall. and when im on this one crappy field track that my friend hasthe whole track is only like a foot wide and is filled with ruts but he flys right threw it on his kx85 i how do you donut or just spin your bike right around 180* how do you tern so sharp when there is no berms or its wet. ??? these are things im trying to learn. im gettting a hlod of rear brake sliding and turning but its only on minor turns any help or replies will be greatly appreciated thanks !


Jan 31, 2003
if it's wet, there will be ruts.use the ruts. if you keep sliding out, work on smooth throttle application-it sounds like you are breaking your rear tire loose with too much gas.

to do a dounut, turn your bars all the way to the left or right-preference-lean your bike in that direction a bit while placing your foot down and gas it. you will have to rotate your foot as the bike goes around. also put more pressure on the outside peg and try lifting your inside foot...that's always fun.


Nov 13, 2002
Just to add to what XR100 said about using the ruts. Make sure you get both tires into the rut then work on getting on the throttle sooner to power out of it. If the rear wheel is not in the rut and the front is getting on the throttle can cause the rear to swing out to the side. Having the rear in and not the front can cause you to take the turn too wide. Lean the bike and ride the rut around like a burm you just have less room to do it in = less room for error.


May 20, 2001
Dude, you would probably get the best help in grammar school (literally (oh no, this is turning into a series of puns)).

The second best help would be to get some video of you turning. I would guess your actual speed mid-turn is too slow and you are trying to be too aggressive when you finally get on the throttle. After you finish braking, you will need to start rolling on the throttle.

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