Valving setups for different types of terrains


Feb 26, 2000
Jer, KX vet, or anyone else
I have always wondered what the differences in valving setups would be for different terrains and types of riding for the for average intermediate rider in those conditions . Natural terrain MX, Hare Scrambles ,Eastern Woods ,Western Woods, Desert. An example of what I am asking is, I would guess for desert settings you would want a fairly stiff low speed stack for the big G outs yet a soft high speed stack for rocks etc. How about for MX, a stiff low speed stack for the jumps but what about the high speed stack? I guess this a question mostly about the theory behind why you build a stack a certain way for certain conditions. How soft can you go on a high speed stack to fight deflection before you start to soften up the rest of the stack too much? How do the crossover shims alter the way the stacks work with each other? In my case, being I weigh 245 most woods setups seem to soft or if they are stiff enough for water diversion jumps the suspention seems to deflect of rocks etc. I know everything is a compromise but I would like to understand how the different stacks( Hi speed, Low speed) can work together to accomplish the desired end result.

Probably to many questions but you have to start somewhere
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