Mar 20, 2001
All of you AMA members, did you get a thing in the mail about nominating KEvin Schwantz, Jeff Nash and John Ulrich to be AMA Trustees ?

Take Back the AMA is the flyer, and there is a ballot and instructions in the October issue of the AMA mag for nominating candidates to be elected for the AMA's southern regions for 3 year terms.

John Ulrich for the Southwest region
Jeff Nash for the South Central region
Kevin Schwantz for the Southeast region

We should all vote in the SW region for John Ulrich. These guys will help promote safety and other important concerns regarding racing in the AMA, as well as other important issues that the AMA is not doing a very good job with.

Pass this on to anyone you know and also to people you may know in the other regions so they can vote in that region.

So, Please vote so we can get the AMA back on the right track.
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