Mar 31, 2007
i recently got a 02 yz250f and only had it for two weeks and it blew and im told it will cost around 2k so basicly after i fix it i was wanting to sell it for around 4k and get a new bike

im 14
183 cm tall
havent been riding long but can handle the 250f pretty well
i ride mostly open scrub (for those australians think dubbo)
i will dont be doing the work on the bike so i want somthing that is cheapish to get done at shops

i was thinking of a newish 250 2stroke(speawing that i miss out on a like new yz250 06 model for 5k) somthing like a 06 rm250 you can get them from around 6k-7.5k

so what do people think about the rms and what is the main differences between the rm kx and yz all in 250 06 models

cheers thomas
Jan 3, 2007
thomas33, the main difference is the colour. But really the motors make different power from each other. Both the YZ and RM make really smooth power with lots of bottom end to spare. The KX makes an older style power where it comes on strong and keeps it up there with some bottom end but more so mid to upper power (porting and a flywheel wil make it more like the the others). The only problems i have heard of where basicaly jetting from all of them. The YZ250 needed a different main jet and the i can not remeber what the suzuki needed. The KX had some detanation problems but where easy to resolve.
May 10, 2007
you just got a new bike

why do you need another new bike.

i would go with the yz though.

my friend has a yz250 and it is so much fun.
he has never had any problems with it.


May 22, 2006
honestly we could all tell you to go with the opposite of what the tohers said n get nothing accomplished. The new bikes are all so good, just got on some, mabe one will feel better than the others... But go with a KTM, they're sexy :rotfl:
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