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Mar 20, 2001
Wondering what you can do, besides just sitting on the sidelines as we lose more & more land and riding areas ?? Well, maybe you can be a field rep. You may not be able to do a lot, but every little bit helps. Right now in some of these organizations, there are only a few people who do most of the work. They cannot cover all the work, so they NEED YOUR HELP, no matter how small your contribution is !!! To avoid getting burned out with all these issues, the secret is not to try to conquer several different aspects of helping out, just stick to 1 or 2 things that you may be able to help with.......This article from Jim A. of CORVA (California Off Road Vehicle Association).......Thanks, Randy L., CORVA Field Rep

Become a Field Rep and help your community.

We as a community are facing literally hundreds of issues that directly impact our opportunities
to enjoy and recreate on our public lands. I'm sure that there are some issues or at least one that
kindles some level of passion in each and everyone of us.

Become a Field Rep and step out of the doldrums of complacency and make a difference. There
is no exact definition of what is a Field Rep, but they are people that want to contribute with
whatever talents or skills they feel comfortable in sharing. It's what you make of it.

Involvement includes, but is not limited to attending meetings with CORVA and other
organizations, or with our agencies etcetera. Become involved with one of many numerous plans
or projects that help benefit us all.

Help us raise money, recruit new members and associates as well as help in the retention of these

Become a watchdog and be our eyes and ears for our membership. Review the grants for an area
that you are familiar with. Helps us guard our Green Sticker dollars and make sure that we are
getting the most bang for the buck.

Help build trails or help maintain existing ones. We need more opportunities not fewer. Become
familiar with agency personnel. Become involved with clean ups or benefits that further prove
that we are environmentalists.

You follow Tread Lightly concepts and are a steward of our public lands. Your are responsible
and use diplomacy in representing our community. You are someone who believes in Multiple
Use and access for all.

You see the need to write letters or make phone calls on our behalf. Your skills may involve
keeping CORVA's website current. You may have talents that may include writing articles and
opinions or proof reading.

The need for political involvement is paramount and CORVA wants to remain a player in this
important arena. Attend legislative day in Sacramento. Walk the halls of the capitol. Meet your
Representive and inform them of important issues.

As you can see, there are many ways that one can help. All of our CORVA Reps are issued
business cards and stationary if they request. You will receive the Waldogram that Ed Waldheim
puts out monthly with the latest up dates.

There are 18 National Forests and 15 BLM Resource areas in the state. We are looking for a Rep
for each area with no limits as to how many can represent a given area. We need your help.
Together we can accomplish so much more.

Jim Arbogast

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