Sep 5, 2000
What is the real weight of an XR200? I have a KDX but want a quieter bike that does not need premix. Lately, I just seem to ride it with my kids. An XR250 would be the logical choice but I'm quite short and can't see trading the KDX for a taller, heavier bike with less power and suspension. If it was at least lighter it may seem OK. For reference my KDX weighs 240 lbs (on bathroom scales) and Gas Gas TXT270 weighs 175 lbs. I have been told that a stripped Honda Reflex weighs only 180 lbs.


Aug 5, 2001
I believe an XR 200 is around 220 dry weight. But unless you will only just be putting around with the kids, you will need more than what a stock 200 will offer. I would recommend an XR250, I think Devol has lowering links (shock linkage) that somewhat lowers the seat height, and you can decrease the preload on the shock to settle the seat height even more. You could always look at the euro bikes, but they are too expensive for me. Good luck.


Feb 10, 2001
Claimed dry weight is around 223 pounds, but that's what Honda says. When you're tired, it feels a bit more but it certanly isn't heavy


N. Texas SP
Feb 19, 2000
The KLX is the bike of choice for vertically challenged folks who want a little more than a casual trail bike. I trailride and race mine and the price on used ones is pretty reasonable and there is a list of knowledgeable owners to answer any questions you might have:

I am on my 3rd KLX, I keep toying with the idea of getting a more "modern" 4-stroke, but I seem to always end up with the KLX. Try and get a test ride on one, you might be pleasantly surprised.


Aug 22, 2000
, I think Devol has lowering links (shock linkage) that somewhat lowers the seat height,

Yes. It's a great help for us vertically challenged riders - I'm 5'5" in my boots.

I'm currently riding an XR250 (1998), I used to have a hopped-up Xr200, which was an awesome little woods machine - until I got going fast, or hit some whoops. Ugh! And this wasn't a stocker - too many mods to mention.

I've owned a KLX and found it wasn't to my liking - they like to rev and don't have much torque (compared to an XR) - i decided if I wanted a bike that liked rpm, I'd rather have a two stroke, they do it better.

I've also had quite a bit of seat time on the WR250. I really love this bike. It's just too darned tall. Even with 2" shorter - I'd still be pushing it. But I might still buy one - if Honda doesn't come out with their CRF 250 next year.

For my money, the XR250 does everything well - it's not an expert at anything, but it's not awful at anything either.

Of course, I'm only talking about the '97 and later models - the earlier XR250's were PIGS!

If you really are just tooling around in the woods with the kids - the XR200 would be hard to beat - especially if you could find a clean used one. any year, from 1986 to current are basically the same. In fact, the '86 model is better, it's got a headlight and a few other goodies they've done away with recently.

On another note:

Is it just me, or is RM80 Kid becoming just a bit annoying with his all-out love session with the new KLX.

Give it a rest RM80Kid - yes, you got a new bike, yes you love it, yes it's great, yes it's the best bike ever made, yes we're all stupid to not own one, yes you're getting annoying!
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