KX125 chassis & KDX200/220 engine combo weight Comparison


Mar 6, 2001
I had noticed a post regarding the swap of a KDX 200/220 engine into an KX chassis awhile back. After searching for that thead for awhile I came to the realization that the forum is set up for a max of 80 threads and it must have been prior to that. I had inquired as to what the weight of such a combo might be but never got a definitive answer. Someone had mentioned that they knew of a shop that was doing that swap and would post more on it later. Haven't seen that BUT got the oppurtunity today to weigh my friends 93 KX125 which has a '89 KDX 200 engine that was rebored/re-plated to take a 220 piston. So I took my '96 KDX 200 and his 93 KX to work and weighed them both with topped up gas tanks on our calibrated/certified scales.

From what I understand someone that was involved/ well connected with Team Kawasaki performed this KX/KDX marriage in 1993 and it's certainly first rate in every aspect. This bike has inverted forks(rebound dampening capability YES!!), a WER dampener on it and a custom aluminum skidplate which extends out to protect the aftermarket pipe that was custom modifed to fit that engine in that chassis. His bike weighed in at 244 lbs. , ready to go.

My '96 KDX 200 with the L.A. Sleeve'd 240 engine, 4 gallon IMS tank, DeVole skidplate & waterpump guard, Gnarly torque pipe & E-Line pipe guard, PC S/A, Fredette chain guard, Fredette hand guards with custom mounts to the top triple clamp, new Dunlop 739 AT rear tire/HD tube/slime(weighed 4 lbs more than the old tire/tube I took off) , air pump, stock rear fender pack full of tools/stuff and some tools attached to the frame ended up weighing in at 279 lbs., ready to go .

So that was a interesting comparison to me. I have 2.1 more gallons of fuel which would be about 14 lbs. so that means his bike weighs roughly 20-ish lbs. less (not taking off the weight of tools & U know how important it is to have repair stuff with U :-) After checking seat height on both bikes I am pretty happy with the fact that my bike's seat height is a bit lower and allows me to actually stand flatfooted on the ground with the suspension just lightly compressed. Certainly helps when your riding slow/rough, large rock strewn trails!! Well those are my observations and I don't think that I will be rushing to locate a KX125 chassis to duplicate his bike :-) . CD

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