What are these little black dots on my fender?

Roost King

Jan 13, 2001
Every time I ride my bike I notice a new coating of black, nasty stuff on the silencer side of my rear fender. This is obviously coming out of the silencer and appears in tiny dots, and appears solid after a few hours of riding. Now I know that almost all the oil that goes into a two stroke motor gets blown out the exhaust and the harder the bike is run, the less of this oil comes out in liquid form. By the way I use Maxima Castor 927 at 32:1 in a well jetted bike. What exactly are these tiny black dots that love to stick to my fender? Are they something like ash, the remains of burnt oil? I have almost no spooge at the silencer tip under normal conditions. Is there anything I can do to keep my fender yellow longer? The stuff will come off when washed, but it makes the bike look bad and rubs off on my gear sometimes so I would like to do without it.


Nov 9, 2000
First off I think it is partially becuase of the Castor oil, this stuff supposedly has a hard time burning unless the bike is being revved to the moon like on a 125 being ridden hard. But it is hard to say if it is that becuase I don't know what bike you ride or what type of riding that you do.


Master of None
Jul 31, 2000
repack your silencer, it's most likely that the packing has become saturated with the oil and now the only place it has to go is out of the end.

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