Sep 26, 2007
I am currently riding a 94 CR250 and it performs exceptionally well on the track and locations where I can keep revs up. I have tried in on trails with deep ruts and steep hills and I feel you have the confidence it can go anywhere plus its loads of fun cause you can smoke virtually anything out there and wheelie with a slight flick of the rist. The suspension is stiff but If I stand up a bit I can go over anything and it soaks it up. However the bike is getting a bit old and quite frankly if I switch more to trails I am really not using the bike for what it was intended for also with the MX pipe it is too loud for public trails ( we have some really nice ones up here). What should I consider replacing it with?? Personally I was thinking of the CRF450X or WR450. I am 6'2" and 210lbs so I think the 250x or wr250 is out of the questions or is it? Thanks for your comments.


Nov 1, 2007
Think Orange

The 08 KTM 450 xc-f has moto power hit with aggressive woods suspension. It's light @ 238 lbs and will rip. You won't need a fresh bike in 3-4 yrs if you ride Orange. I have owned them all and KTM's rule. Also the hydraulic clutch is a huge bonus.


Dec 3, 2002
Pro Cicuit and FMF make silencers that will quiet your bike.

Sounds to me like you should get a newer CR250. More of the same with better suspension.

Watch out for the orange kool-aid drinkers...

It's light @ 238 lbs and will rip
I have owned them all and KTM's rule.
This just gets better and better.
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