Apr 28, 2007
1) your physical size (both height and weight are important)
6 feet tall, 145 lbs.
2) How physical / aggressive are you ?
I'm in shape and I am very aggressive when it comes to a race.
3) what do you plan to ride- MX/SX tracks, woods, fields with friends or ?????
withh friends and open dirt patches and abondoned roads/ pieces of land
4) Do you have any riding experience?
Yes 8 years, ktm 65 and Kx 85
5) Do you think you will race ?
Not in a league, as there is none on the Island... Mybe grudge races tho
6) Are you mechanically inclined and will you be doing your own bike work?
yes i am mechnically inclined, i fix other bikes regularly
7) Do YOU have a preferance to a brand/ motor choice (2 or 4 stroke)?
I like 2 stroke becuase of the throttle response, i've never actually ridden a4-stroke so i cant really compare. As to preference of bike.....depending on the CC kawasaki, Ktm or Yamaha
8) Do you have a dealer close by your home that you might use and what brand(s) does he carry?
No i do not have a dealer near my home
9) How much do you plan to spend on a bike?
10) Do you live in California?
11) anything else that you think would help form an opinion
i love 2 strokes....
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Apr 21, 2007
well since you love 2 strokes and power i would save up abit and go with a 00 or 01 ktm 125.

very fast race much so i would call it an unfair advantage racing in a 125 class lol

the powerband kicks in abruptly and still has lots of bottom end torque not to mention the awesome hydraulic clutch ;)


Apr 28, 2007
Yea its a cool place to live if u got a boat or waverunner... The turtle farm was cool about 3 years ago . But we had a hurricane and they were forced to re-build gotta see it now... Its called Botwaines Beach... Shark Tanks, mata rays ..... almost like a miniture Atlantis .... (kinda off topic sorry )
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