What does your dirtbiking cost per hour?


Jun 25, 2000
Im not very rich and im trying to calculate approx how much it will cost per hour to ride. The reason is that im really gonna do my best to get good and i want to know how much i can afford to ride.

I've been calculating a little like fuel, oils, piston, tires, but i havent ridden frequently before so i dont really know how long most things last and ofcourse it depends. But if you know how much it cost for you i would like to know what i can expect. So how much have you spent on wearparts and how much have you ridden?


Dec 4, 2002
Please, please dont go there.

An small (>230cc) air cooled four stroke will be the cheapest to run. No power to go through tires, no pre-mix oil, no piston replacement. Hardly anything.

It depends a lot on where you ride, what you ride, and stuff like that. I couldnt even begin to figure it out. Lets say 15 miles in an hour. Thats like $1.50 of gas for me. That'd be about it.


Apr 1, 2001
Not nearly as much as any other motorsport would cost you. I usually only burn 4-5 gallons of gas per ride. And if you get a big-bore bike you won't have to tear it down as often!

Moto Squid

Jul 22, 2002
:eek: ahhh!!! With entry fees, race gas, tires, chemicals, chains, and those other occassional goodies it's got to cost me a ton per hour. Plus you g2 figure the purchase price of the bike.

$5000...2 years => 2500/year for the bike
200 tires
800 entry fees
500 misc. junk
and with 2 hours riding/racing per week (2 hours on a good week) for 8 months....for a grand total of about $60/hour :uh: Um, I hope that ain't right!!


Apr 1, 2001
New Bike-------$6000.00
Riding Gear----$800.00
Bike Hauler----$20-30,000.00
Tires, chains and sprockets, top ends, etc.----$6-800.00 yr.
The feeling you get when you're on the bike-----Priceless!


Jan 30, 2000
Bike maintenance, tires, oils, gas, transportation for about 50 days riding per year comes to about $5000 more or less.

Not having to pay a shrink twice a week for a year minus $20,000.

Not being locked up because I stressed out and gave some ahole exactly what they deserved and the legal system put me away for it - priceless.


Jun 13, 2001
Just think, when you're not riding it it is not costing you a thing. Tell that to a person with horses.

My air cooled XR400 doesn't need work, is paid for, sips fuel, and only needs new tires a couple times a year. I spend more on fuel to drive to the trail systems than on operating costs. Entry fees can get pricey but this

You have to do something for fun. I can think of some very expensive alternatives.


Jan 23, 2003
Expensive alternatives??? Horse Showing, and Riding!!! My sports Dirt Bikes, brothers ATVs, Sisters Horses. and out of the three of us my sisters hobby is a lot more expensive (Hay burners). Don't worry were not working our parents too much! No infact all of the money I put into DBing is my own. I started bailing staw and hay when I was 14 and made about a 1,000 in two weeks. The sport is really expensive though. Your best bet is not to race until you know your good enough to school all of those other guys. Otherwise its just a money pit.



May 10, 2000
I figure I spend a good $5K per year on all of it, including a $2K bike reserve. Divide that by the 75 hours I ride per year and it costs me $66.67 per hour. Not cheap, but this is for new bikes and some hop ups and such. By the way this does not include Dr. bills etc. That will probably double the above figures. But it does keep me sane.


Nov 30, 2002
Just buy one and ride!!!!!! even if you buy a P O S you will experience the awsome feeling of riding a dirtbike . Now THAT is priceless!
Let's see,
No insurance.
Registration cheap.
Free to go out in the hills.
Saves way more gas than a car.
You can't go wrong! Do it!!! :)

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