What to change when the bike sat in water?


My buddy's 1997 YZ125 was stuck in the mud for about 24 hours. It was finally lifted out by a backhoe. The engine started right up after a few kicks and it runs fine. It has not been driven yet because we are going to lube and clean the chain well and also change the trans oil. Is there any other maintenace type stuff that we should do before riding it again?




Woot I have a 97 YZ125 too :cool:

Anyways, I would take off the exhaust and make sure nothing is clogging it or if anything got down inside it.


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If the chain was submerged I would definitely re-grease the swing arm bearings, the front and rear wheel bearings and clean the axles real good. I would also change the oil just in case anything worked it's way into the cases. If it was submerged higher I would drain the carb bowl and probably clean the carb and make sure nothing got into the airbox and intake boots. This is an excellent time to do some maintanence he may never have done before
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How deep? Sounds like a good cleaning and re-greasing of all rear suspension linkage, swingarm, brake lever pivot, and wheel bearings is in order.........do it now or pay for all new bearings soon ($$) Removing brake calipers, cleaning and bleeding-in new fluid may be wise.
A couple years ago I foolishly thought I could cross a fast-flowing low-water bridge.......good thing I didn't drown. Bike spent 3-4 hrs totally submerged. Took bike home and split the cases that night, before stuff started growing in there. My "friends" now call my Suzy the "Yellow Submarine".........not so funny