What to do about a stuck powervalve?


Mi. Trail Riders
Today I was thinking why my 96 kdx200 with 220 kit had less low end power then 70 marlins 99 kdx220. and i got to thinking that the powervalve controls the power out-put in the low end and i thought that i could be stuck so when i was gone at football practice I had 70 marlin look at it for me and surly enough "it was stuck"

so my question is what do you do with a stuck powervalve?

and can you give me step by step instructions on how to do a top end job on my 96 kdx200 with 220 kit.

Thank you.

David Trustrum

1. Buy a manual
2. Take it apart
3. Replace stripped parts (gear on top of valves)
4. Clean ok parts
5. Re-assemble
6. Remember to take it apart & clean next year.

Do a search (little button above) on Kips & Powervalves & there will be a million threads. PS watch for reverse thread but that will be explained.

Go to http://www.buykawasaki.com & look up your bike to get the part numbers


Mi. Trail Riders
Thanks ill do that.


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Can you easily service and clean the powervalve w/o doing a top end or removing the cylinder ? I was under the impression that needed to be done.

also what do you clean them with ? Kerosene ?



yeah you could work on it with just the head removed but it's more hastle than taking off the cylinder.
also it's not recommended because theres no way to keep the grunge and cleaner fluid from going into the bottom end or at least all around the piston and rings.
I once had a valve break in 3 parts and had to drill a hole in the lowest part in order to get it out.
take a look at my web site for my suggestions on removal and reassembly:

70 marlin

Mi. Trail Riders
aaron, it's not looking good :<¥¥

in process of diassembling your power valve© found it completly seized, way too much carbon for my likes© piston looks like it took a hit, due to carbon build up© bore of cylinder looking bad© might need a pro too take a closer look© at very least will need new piston© Sorry!


HI, this is for Jaguar, I went to your web site as I am going to clean my power valve myself. My KDX 200 is a '95, your directions went to '94, will it work for me to use them, or no I shouldnt chance it, and go buy a 95 manual?