Sep 13, 2001
Well yesterday I looped my bike up and looks like I need a new cylinder so it looks like I'm goin to have to report the new cylinder any tips? My bikes going into the shop soon and am planing to spend a great deal of money to get it ripin'. If any of you guys got any tips for me on what to do by all means tell me. But I'll tell you what I'm goin to get done and please tell me if I'm wrong in doing so.

whole motor being done top and bottom
porting? what to do ?
V force reeds and Rad thingy
excel rims front and back
gearing 12-50
suspension new spring in the back and shock rebuild, forks oil change heavier oil.

right now bike has:
bills pipe
fmf shorty should i change this?

Any help? I'm racing motocross with it and am 5'10 1/2" 185lbs.

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