Whats the best way to Mix Old Husky parts?


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
Just learning about these old Huskies...I have a AE500 and I wanted to build a manual trans Hare Scrambles machine....

To further this goal I adopted yet another stray and would like your opinions. (If you folks have the time) I bought a 1982 Husky that was supposed to be a WR430. What I wanted to do was put that WR430 in my later model AE500 chassis. What I actually ended up with was this:

Frame No. XN14097 with a motor number 2087 1509 ( I think this is a 1982 XC 430..same motor as a WR430 so I accomplished my origional goal...I think) It has white forks with a double leading shoe front brake like are on my AE500. It has a small white plastic tank. Gold colored ohlins with a white spring.

I also ended up with a surprise box of junk that included the following:

A motor looking like a 500 with the numbers 2094 1804. I think thats a 83 cr500. Maybe an 82 cr500. Possibly a XC?

A set of gold colored forks, A blue aluminum tank, a set of blue colored Ohlins like are on my AE500, A single leading shoe front brake.

It looks to me as if the guy really had a XC430 not a WR430 and blended with a later model CR or XC.

So here are the questions.
1) If that 2095 is really a 500, will the barrel from my AE500 work on that lower end? Are the Barrels from the 500cr and AE500 the same? If so, my task is easier than I thought, just put that CR lower end in my AE500 frame with the AE500 barrel.

2) Do the XC or CR forks, which look identical to my AE500's; have more travel and stiffer damping and springs than my AE? ( I can only hope...that was my other issue with the AE)

3) Do the XC or CR shocks have a different travel and rate than the AE? If they did this would be a slam dunk for me. I want to stiffen both the front and the rear on that AE chassis and put a manual gear box in there as well. I have trouble on the jumps with the Auto...just can't quite get it right. Lots of brown shorts.

I'm trying to build a Hare Scrambles/ Sr MX/ Vintage race bike from the best of these parts. Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have in this matter.

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