Mar 22, 2000
Other than picking on TwinSpar it is a little difficult to know what everyone's passions are.

I spend my time trail riding, enduros (just starting), boating, fishing, coaching little league, golfing and building hospitals.

Where do the rest of you spend your time, money and energy?


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Mar 9, 2001
I Like trail riding,but my passion for riding is in the desert, I can't think of anyplace I'd rather ride especially in the winter.

I still snowboard when I can,last week I rented a condo in oceanside,ca.and bodyboarded everyday and tomorrow I'm seadoo-ing off La jolla point with my wife,daughter and her boy friend
that's what I do with my time,money and energy

I really do have a job, I'm just on vacation:cool:
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Oct 23, 2000
I love riding, and a big part of that is my tendency to be a bit vocal about women in the industry. Don't worry, I'm not the type to get oppressed or squelched or anything. :p I also read a lot and write; one of these days I'll write a novel. In the meantime, I'm crafting the monthly installments of my future column in RacerX or Dirtrider.

I also want a Jeep and a muscle car again. I miss working on fun things. Changing oil in my Toyota is not nearly as much fun as porting the heads on my Mustang was. I'll have a Mustang again. In the meantime Steve lets me drive his 69 Mach 1 . . . he's a brave man. :eek:


Jul 24, 1999
With out a doubt mine's singletrack trails. It doesn't matter if they're desert or trees. The tighter and nastier, the better. And of course my family.:)

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Oct 18, 2000
Originally posted by firecracker22
I'll have a Mustang again. In the meantime Steve lets me drive his 69 Mach 1 . . . he's a brave man. :eek:
Now there's my 4 wheeled variety of passion. I', living and dreaming. I have a 2001 GT Mustang at the moment while I'm in the U.S. but when I head back to Australia an a couple of weeks that dissapears. The '69 Mach 1 is THE car I need, except back home, if you can find them, they run at $40,000 +

My real passion however is still the 2 wheeled variety. I love my woods riding back home. The ever changing single trails to 4 wide sweepers through old logging tracks, to deep mud and clay washouts, into pine plantations to the sands of a deserted beach jumping over the creek that runs out onto it whilst the sun is setting. :)


To say that I have been CONSUMED by this dirt biking thing would be the understatement of the year. I still occaisionally mountain bike and road bike. Gotta get busy on that because I ride the MS150 every year. That is the week before Dirtweek this year. My other passions, in no particular order, are music (I play guitar, bass, etc), drawing/sketching (pencil), wrenching and reading comic books.:o Yeah, I know, I'm 35. But only on the outside! Still a full-on kid at heart.:) Unfortunately, most of my artistic passions have suffered a bit at the hands of dirtbiking. Picked up the guitar the other day-it was ugly! And I suppose I could still draw a stick figure if I had to.


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Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
Besides the obvious answer.....:)

I enjoy music (pickin guitar) and golf (bogey at best).
My passion is my job. I love what I'm doing and find myself totally forgetting how much time I spend doing it. Back in the early 80's I was working for a good sized company. The very first job that I was placed in charge of, (3800ft. conveyor system at Catarpillar, Aurora, Ill.) there was a major snag towords the end of the project. I was hit with a brainstorm and designed a device that actually fixed the problem we had. To me it was a simple thing to do, and I did the prototype drawing on a concrete floor with a piece of soapstone. Anyway...this item was a success and it got my first big job out of the hole(53 of 'em still at Cat), and these units are now used all over the US and other countries.
Problem was, I was working for another, so I didn't get the rights to the device. Well that was the spark I needed to decide that one day, I would start my own business. I made the leap in '92 and have had my own conveyor business since then.
I'm passionate about my trade, and I love dealing with machinery and technology. I'm also passionate about the difference in the paychecks! :D


Jul 31, 2000
Other than family, my passion is clearly dirt bikes. I am with BigLou. It has overtaken everything else. My son(4) started riding now, so there is another reason to be even more involved in the sport. I ride Hare Scrambles and some Enduros, but my passion for it is definitely higher than my speed:o
Outside of bikes I like to play golf:eek: , music (I play a little guitar, piano).
I am a former pro skier and snowboarder so I guess I have or had a passion for that too. I really enjoy a good glass of wine.
Over all I am a guy trying to spend as much time as possible with my family at the track/trail. :)
I am going to try to move somewhere south within the next 2 years in order to be able to ride year round. All I need is a job down there;)


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Dec 26, 1999
Lets see before Eric got me beck to dirtbikes I was all out into training labs and upland bird hunting. 3 or so trips a season to Iowa plus a membership at a gamefarm about 5 minutes from the house equalled hunting from sept 15 til april 1st at least 3 times a week. also deerhunting. now what survives of that is the gamefarm and deerhunting. I also used to go to Canada fishing couple times a summer.
On the side I have always liked golf (not very good at it -they never line the fairways up with the right holes:think ), Bicycling, whitewater Rafting (our summer family vacation always revolved around going to a new river for it), sporting clays (firearms version of golf), and Eric's sports. Skiing was also real high on the list until a couple years after college when injuries and cost cut it back to just a fun day here and there.
The one true passssion that has survived and grown thru dirtbikes is spending time with my wife and kid:)
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Nov 21, 2000
North East USA
Dirt bikes are my passion for sure. Most everything I do is determined by how it affects my riding time. I get so pumped when I plan on riding that my, umm, bowels become , shall we say, over active. :eek:

My other passion is my wife but she doesn’t get into dirt bikes like I do. We do a lot of antiquing together and have I started collecting old tools from the 1800’s but I have some more modern ones if they are interesting enough. What I really like are the one of a kind hand made, forged stuff. I also like odd looking tools that had some obscure use. It’s fascinating to learn how our forefathers lived and the tools that they used. Even though it was a hard life I often wish I lived in a simpler time without the electronic crap that is around us today. Too bad there weren’t dirt bikes back then.


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Feb 3, 2001
My passion (other than riding a dirt bike through the woods as fast as I can) is to play basketball in the winter and golf in the summer.
My wife and I own a small farm in the country. It is great to teach the kids (3) the importance of work before play (and play should not involve sitting in front of the TV for hours).


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Sep 9, 2000
My passions are of course dirt bike riding. I ride for fun, none of that competion stuff. I found that when i start having to do something it doesnt become fun anymore.

I love hunting and fishing which took me into my other passion, taxidermy. I couldnt see spending tons of money to have things stuffed (Sorry if this urks anyone :( ). So i bought some books and taught myself. I couldnt see paying $80 bucks to mount a squirrel when it only costs $10 in parts and a hour of your time. I wasnt too bad at it and thought about doing it for a living until it happened. Everyone wanted me to do there animals, well it finally got to the point where i was doing things for others and nothing for myself. That's when i realized i hated doing something i loved to do. Its been 4 years and i havent touched a thing. Maybe someday and i hope dirt biking doesnt get that way.

My other passion, which is starting to get more expensive then dirt biking is aquariums. I've had freshwater tanks since before i could remember. Then graduated to fish only saltwater tanks, planted tanks, and now i caught the reefing bug. No, not that type of reefing! ;) The coral type of reefing. I had over 15 tanks running at one point or another. Now i'm down to 2 tanks until i get some money saved up for the new tank. So thats about it except spending time with friends and family.


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N. Texas SP
Nov 25, 1999
Well, like many of you, I am addicted to dirtbikes. I love all type of Offroading. I really get into my work as well. I work on and install Life Safety Systems (Fire Alarms). I work in all types of facilities and buildings so I take pride in providing the earliest possible warning to a potential fire. My wife and I raise Schipperkee's and Dobermans and she also has a "hay-burner" (1200 lb dog or horse if you must). We've just had our little place in the country (The Empty Pockets Ranch) for 7 months but we REALLY like it out here.
I must be living right because tonight when I go home, setting in my back pasture was earth moving equipment. The operater told me they are clearing out the brush in the right-of-way. He said he'd push me up some jumps and such :) . He just got thru last weekend building his nephew a track. His nephew went pro this year in MX. All of this for NO CHARGE.


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Sep 9, 2000
My passion is dirtriding anywhere, woods, trails, dessert, you name it I'll do it. I throw in some MX racing too and will ride my first harescramble Sept. 22 in Jackpot Nev. I really enjoy racing.

I have many hobbies I am involved with on a regular basis. I'll start with truespodes sport, basketball... I started playing in the streets of Houston growing up and then Played through school ( I was good too ) but I was involved with baseball as well and I was better at it than basketball, and was playing allstar tournaments all over the place.

Due to my skills as a left fielder and big stick at the plate, I was playing Baseball twice a week and playing co-ed softball twice a week up untill this year when I had to take a break on something, either riding or ballplaying. So I ride. :)

I love to hunt and fish and do them on weekends when I am not riding somewhere. I bowl, snowski, and play co-ed volleyball in the winter time. I actually bowl all year around too!

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