when to resleeve or get plated?


May 11, 2003
Hey all. I have a 93 yamaha wr 250 that i just tore down. Looking at the piston its definately time to replace, but at what point should something be done to the cylinder? Theres scoring around the entire circumference of the cylinder. No deep scratches, and i cant feel any with my fingernail. I was looking at the ericgorr page, but i really dont want to overbore it or anything. Whats the cheapest place to go? etc.. Im new to this whole thing so im not real sure what to do. The piston has a 25 stamped to the top, so i assume its .25 over normal, so i guess someone resleeved it or something in the past. Im like the 3rd or 4th owner of the bike so im not entirely sure of the history.
Can anyone suggest a good website for ordering a similar piston as well?



Jul 26, 2002
If it's sleeved than it can be cut again to accomodate the next-up sized piston. Chances are a hone and another .25 over would suffice just fine.
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