Jan 17, 2001
I have not been able to read (needless to say, post) much on DRN as of late. I started my new job and it has been quite busy--and the last thing I want to do when I get home is look at another computer! So, in case anyone was wondering where I have been lately, there is your answer.

Now, lets get to the good stuff. I have, however, had time to ride the last few weeks. We have been sticking close to home and riding most every weekend at Buffalo Range. Typical of Chicagoland, however, it has been HOT and STICKY! What goes along with that (for me) is POISON IVY!! Yes, I got it the weekend before last on my right arm, and last weekend I got it on my right temple and forehead!! UGH!!!:think

I seem to have hit a plateau--I am not getting any better at riding, as I was by leaps and bounds earlier in the season---and I am not getting any worse. I have also had the chance to ride a couple of different bikes. I rode Bob's KTM 300MXC and that is WAY too much for me, but it was fun! I also rode Don's (Woodchuck) Gas Gas 300, which is still too much for me, but much smoother power. And the weekend before last I rode Theresa's KDX 200.

Now, before I go on, I would like to point out that for my first time on this bike I was with a whole crowd of guys--most of which were on 2 strokes and revving their engines like mad--and we rode in a section of the park where I am not very experienced and don't much care for (clay hills). I was intimidated (by all the revving) and scared (of riding a 2 stroke) and embarrassed (because they were waiting for me).

We took off from the van and went to the Clay hills section in Buffalo Range. Not my cup of tea. There are way too many hills in this section and the front end kept wanting to come off the ground--which it did several times. I made it through the sandy whoops and crossed the creek and up the big ravine. Then I made it through several other sections that have a downhill and an uphill right after another. Then we came to the sand stair steps. I gladly handed the bike to Bob and had him ride it up. Up until this point I didn't do too bad. Then I hit a root on an uphill and took a nice crash. At this point, I decided that was not how I wanted to learn to ride a 2 stroke. I parked the bike and got back on my XR250.

That is not to say I will not try another 2 stroke in the future, however, at this point, I am going to put up with the extra weight of the 4 stroke and hopefully gain more experience before I go out and trade my XR for another bike. And next time I try it, I will go to the woods, where I am comfortable and ride in a much smaller group.

On that note, I better get back to work. This is the most amount of time that I have slacked off in a month!! Thanks for listening.



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Oct 23, 2000
Good to hear from you.

Sorry to hear your first two-stroke experience wasn’t fun. The first time I climbed aboard one, it was a brand-new RM250 and I scared myself silly. And immediately wanted one.

Hope you give it a try—once you get used to it (it does take a little bit, during which you will be questioning your decision) you will love it. I did, anyway. Let me tell you my KTM is worlds away from my XR!

Try it again sometime. Have fun at work.


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Oct 4, 1999
New Mexico
Anne, keep with it. Those trails at Buffalo Range seem to change on a daily basis. Your story reminds me of the first real ride I took on the new KTM last year. Went down to Buffalo Range, and rode the whole day. I felt like a hero. My new bike could do anything! It even went up those sand stair steps without stopping! (Don't think I ever did it without stopping on the KDX). Great day. Went back to the park a couple weeks later, and I couldn't ride to save my life. Got stuck on the stair steps. Slid around, crashed on hills, generally fouled things up.

Next time will be better. And, when you're down to Casey for Dirtweek (you ARE going, right? :) ) you'll get a chance to ride all sorts of bikes.


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Jan 19, 2000
Glad to see you back, Anne! But I'm the same way; just got back on this board after a long lapse. I don't want to even think about family and friends that I owe email to!:scream:
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