RedRider 898

Sep 18, 2001
I have a 2001 CR 125 and I am looking to sale this bike and get either the new CRF 450 R or a 02 CR 250 I would like to know which bike you guys suggest I get or should I just keep the 125 and modify the engine.Any info will be appreciated..


Aug 10, 2001
That's easy.

Get the new 250. I saw a couple of new Cr 250's at the track this weekend and they are awesome. I used to have a Cr 125 and sold it for a '01 250 and it took me awile to get adjusted to the extra 20 lbs. I couldn't imagine going straight to the 450. I'm sorry, but when I think of motocross I think of 2 stroke's not yard tractors. I don't care how much they develop the 4 stroke engine, it just isn't my idea of a motocross bike. We watched some dude on a 250f stall his in a turn and was passed by 11 riders befor he could get the damn thing started! What's up with that?? If you want to buy a 4 stroke buy an ATV!! :think


Feb 10, 2001
I say get the 450, it's only a few pounds more than the CR, and besides four strokes are the future so there's no time to start getting used to them like now. I doubt, that you'll be able to find a 450 that isn't sold though. There are a lot of people who want those "yard tractors"


Mar 25, 2001
I would wait until 2003 before buying the CR450F just so Honda can get any bugs worked out of the new bike. Nowng Honda they should have a top notch bike from the get go but I would still wait and see.

Plus, I can see a lot of dealers jacking the price up for these the first year due to high demand.

Your check book will thank you later.
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