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Nov 24, 2000
i saw in another thread that sir thumper started racing at age 31. i started racing mx at age 27. i'm 42 now and still racing. any other late starters here?


Jan 24, 2001
Well I'm 21 almost (cringe) 22 and I haven't raced yet. Hopefully I can get into some sort of racing in the next year. I know I'm not fast, but I will get faster if I have something to judge against, right?:cool:

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Jan 22, 2001
Wow and I thought I was a late starter. I'm 18 and plan on entering my first race this summer if they hold a few.

I actually read somewhere that Dowd didn't start racing tell he was somewhere between 16-18 which is pretty late for a pro!
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May 9, 2001
I just started racing [HS and Enduros] this year, at age 34. I've only ridden dirt bikes since last year, so I'm learning quite a bit as I go along, [as well as developing numerous bruises in new and interesting places].

When I got to my first race, I was suprised - huge number of 30-40 folks.


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Aug 2, 2000
I started in '97, at around age 28. But I've been riding for a long time. I decided to wait 'til I had a good job with decent insurance:cool:


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Jun 5, 2001
late starter

I got bitten by the racing bug about a year ago. Ever since I was old enough to want a dirt bike, my parents would not give in because they thought it was too dangerous. So about two years ago I bought my first bike, a 95 XR25R. It was a great frist bike to learn on. I had that bike for almost a year when I wanted to get a 2 stroke because I like the power they make.I bought a 00 KDX 200. I rode this bike until I got comfortable with it and then found out about the GNCC series. I raced my first race last summer. It was great, the people, the atmosphere and just being there was a lot of fun. I'm almost 32 and wished I had done this a lot sooner. I tell people that I'm reliving my childhood. I don't plan to quit any time soon either.

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00 KDX 200


Apr 26, 2000
Late Bloomers

Last fall (Sept, 2000) I entered my first ever sanctioned event, at 31 years old. It was a SuperTT (Super Motard) race in Bakersfield, CA. I was immediately hooked. I now race in the SuperTT series, CRC MXs, OTHG MXs and my true calling... Road Racing with CCS (Championship Cup Series) The cool thing about the CCS racing is.... I'm doing it on my CR-500 (converted for Super Motard) and winning against the pure roadracers, on TZ 250s, NSR 250s, RS 125s, R-6s, SV-650s, CBR 600s, GSXR 600s, etc.... This is truly a blast. I started roadracing in Feb, so far I've entered 25 races (about 5 classes per race weekend) and my finishes are: 1 sixth place, 1 fifth place, 5 fourth places, 5 third places, 5 second places, and 8 wins.

Tony Williams

Mar 23, 2000
34 years young

I started MX at age 34 in the fall of 1996, riding a 1986 IT-200 Yamaha.

Currently racing Vet Novice to Intermediate, and looking forward to being eligible for the +40 classes next spring.


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Jan 29, 2001
I started racing when I was 14. Raced till I was 18. Got my bike stolen. :( I met the girl who is now my wife. :) No time, (or money) to replace the bike. :( I am now 30. I just bought my first bike (2001 KX250) in nearly 12 years this January. :) I will be racing in a few months. It's good to be back. And boy is my wife happy that I can finally stop saying "God, do I miss Racing!" :D So yes, I am a late Re-starter.



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Apr 21, 2000
Andy - cool story! I threw my leg over my first bike at the age of 18 and started racing at 18 too (in '98). :confused: It really makes me feel good when I can beat girls that started racing on 50's and 60's... and I always wish that I could have started earlier - but... as they say:

Better late than never!!!! :)

Jeff Gilbert

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Oct 20, 2000
Don't laugh, I don't feel this old

I'm 41, got my 1st mx bike last year. Havn't done the 1st race yet but been practicing on some tracks and doing pretty well I'd say, till I broke some ribs a few months ago. I'm healed up now and trying to get into better shape to keep up with all the young folk out there. I practiced this week at village creek and wasn't the slowest one out there:) but I bet I was the most tired. ;)


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Aug 24, 2000
36, haven't raced yet!! But I've ridden on and off for 12 years. 20 years if you include the neighbors Yamah 175 enduro.


Dec 27, 2000
First SX at age 34. Beginner open class. The first moto I DNF with a busted right knee, badly twisted neck, and two ribs seperated from my spine. The second moto I finished 3rd out of 5 riders. I'll admit that it's hell when you line up against 16 and 17 year-olds whose daddy bought them their bikes, and who don't have to go to work on Monday. My best finish ever was an 8th place out of 10 riders. I still enjoy it and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Confused:confused: maybe.


Sep 9, 2000
I did start a lot later than I always wanted to. I can remember at age 5 asking my dad for a motorcycle, he said that when I was 7 he would buy me one... at age 16 I got my first bike, it was a 79 Yamaha IT 250. I didn't have any friends that rode bikes so I pretty much just cruised around some backwoods of Texas. The closest I ever got to climb a big hill there was built by a front-loader:) .

I always dreamed of racing but never had the bike, parent intrest, friends, or the money to do it. After moving here to Idaho I rebuilt an old 79 chevrolet 4x4, painted it and dressed it up real sharp. My dad was proud of the work I had done on it, and so was I considering that I bought it for $500. I drove the truck for a year and blew 2 engines in it while I had it:p I remember the day I sold it, my dad was so mad at me I had to hide out for a while cause I took the money and bought me a 96 XR600. He didn't say much because I was my own man by then.

Previously I had owned some used bikes like an 79 DR370, 84 XR500, but I had never had a new bike. Finally I did. I ride the mountains, woods, dunes and a ton of other country around here but I still always wanted to race MX.

When the Yamaha 400 came out, and all the Mags said you could take one out of the woods and ride it competitively on the track I had to have one. I took the XR and left with a WR 400. I gained an so much speed I couldn't believe it, the bike was faster than my 600 yet lighter and had the best suspension I ever had.

A friend talked me into going to the races one day and then talked me into racing... He kept saying "your good on a bike man" , " I know you'll do good". I had never been on a MX track my whole life before that day, had never jumped a double jump, had never jumped a bike more than 20 ft or so ever (on purpose). Well I went for it in practice and was just going to match pace with someone and man did I ever blow it... I dove into the inside rut of a berm underneath a coulple guys that went to the outside and I did not get enough drive up the jump, and a guy behind me did and he landed right on me. That was almost enough to get my to say enough, but not quite. I ended up crashing again (bad) on the first lap and that was it practice was over:( With my back all tore up from being landed on and not being able to get enough air to breathe I was still determined to race.

Moto 1
"Hole shot" I led the race for a 1/4 lap and that was it, I was hooked on MX. I finished the race without going down and ended up in 6th out of 15. I didn't race the second moto, I had nothing left, my family wanted me to go to the hospital and get my back checked out, but I would not go. I did have a concusion and was forced not to race by my friends and family there.

Since then, 7 races, 6 trophies. ( 1 win ):)
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May 20, 2001
I re-started (never raced when I was a kid) riding two years ago at 23 and now at 25 I've been to a few MX races and plan to do more.

My dad at 55 was still faster than me until he busted a tendon in his shoulder and is now recovering from surgery so I can practise to get faster for a few weeks or even months.

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May 14, 2001
I'm 36 just bought a '01 YZ 250 back in April and plan on racing in my first MX race July 1st. I've been off a bike for a number of years. I started on an Indian when I was 6 yrs old and rode dirt bikes til I was 17-18 (never raced) when I met my girl friend who later became my wife. I'm excited about my
first race will more than likely enter the +30 Veterans class Novice class.


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Apr 11, 2001
Started riding last year on the in-laws '86 RM250 that was laying around in the 'barn and then got my first bike this last Jan. for my birthday. Haven't raced yet, but am going to try to do a HS by the end of this summer. Depends on any family obligations, though.

PS - I actually started riding a '72 DT250 back when I was 12-14'ish, but it croaked before I could really get farther than riding around the house.:(


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Apr 12, 2001
You're never to old my dad has some people that work with him that ride the invited us up to some trails. The youngest guy there would have been 50 one guy was 67. And holy crap those guys were fast. I just about killed myself going through the woods(with no barkbusters) just so I wouldn't get beat by someone that was 67. I still wouldn't have caught the guy but we came up on a couple huge wide sections with deep whoops that he was scared of. once I passed him I let him back past and rode at a normal pace because if I tried to do his through the whole trail I would have broke something


Mar 24, 2000
My first MX race was in Sept of last year at 41 years young!! What a blast!!!!! Best finish so far was fifth! Worst finish was a broken fibia in April, I cant wait to finish healing!!

Fred T

Mi. Trail Riders
Mar 23, 2001
Not racing but....

I started riding bikes when I was about 12. I had a Ruttman mini bike and graduated to a Honda 50. Bought my first real bike, a Kaw 125 when I was 16 and rode my first Enduro in 1974 at age 19. I made it all the way to A class and placed 2nd Dist 14 200 A class in 1978. Rode enduroes until age 29. Sold my bike and took 17 years off for raising family, busy with my job and getting fat. I just bought a new Kaw KDX this spring and have ridden it about 7 times already -it's like being reborn again! I've lost 15 pounds! I am a much happier person and never realized how much riding meant to me. I probably will not race anymore, but enjoy organized event rides like the MI CCC and dicing it up with my riding buddies I've found here on DRN. I'm 46 now and just too concerned about getting hurt racing to try it again not to mention the costs of it all. Racing is expensive as you all know. I am too much of a competator to race and not win so I would just get discouraged like I did when I quit 17 years ago and was not winning 1st every race becasuse I was too busy with family and work to stay in shape and practice. I am just happy to be on a bike again!


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Jan 1, 2001
My first race was this spring at age 38. Last year I got the kids bikes and then one for myself and said I would practice for 1 year, before I raced . I rode street from 16 till 25 , then got married, lost bikes, no riding for 12 years. now I am having fun again.


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Nov 20, 2000
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Re: Not racing but....

Originally posted by Fred T :
"I started riding bikes when I was about 12. I had a Ruttman mini bike and graduated to a Honda 50. Bought my first real bike, a Kaw 125 when I was 16 and rode my first Enduro in 1974 at age 19."

A fellow "old timer", eh?
I started at age 9 on a mini trail 50 and at age 13 had managed to save enough money to buy one of those "super neato cool" new '74 Honda CR125 Elsinores!
Gosh, i thought i was in heaven. That sucker flat out ripped!!! :D
No one else in the neiborhood could outrun that thing.
(except the older guys on their DT360's )
I still have a bunch of showroom brochures and the owners manual laying around at home somewhere..............

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