Who was the most/least like you expected?


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Apr 21, 2000
I did this thread after DW02 and remember getting a lot of good responses. I think my "most like I expected" was Natalie and my "least like expected" was Elk last year.

This year, Red and I were fortunate enough to get the DirtWeek 2003 holeshot Saturday morning at 9am - the gates were locked and I think Kris was in bed. Thump was second around the first turn and I think I took a nap after that and can't remember who was 3rd. Anyways... we spent 8+ awesome days at DW and got so meet SO MANY great people... what a week!!

Most like I expected - Lori KTM - always smiling and volunteering to convert people to woods riders ;)

Least like I expected - KiwiBird - I didn't know what to expect from Kiwi after a loooong ride with Elk (and a fuel "situation") but what a cool dude - thanks for sharing all those photos with me Kiwi!

And a few more:

Best camp fire entertainment: Milk, Crash, Dale, (Lou I heard the fiddy but was too sleepy to look out the window)

Best camp fire wood getter: Cam

Funniest fiddy entertainment: Blackhawk!

Most jacked up bike: Dale

Most jacked up front fender/bumper (bike/truck): Crash

Most evil chili cook-off participant: VD

Best chef: Eddie and Natty

Non-stop smiles: Squeaky girl

Best birthday cake ever: Oldguy

Sentenced for life: Milk's Christy

COTT hero: PK

Cutest couple: Thump & HotPants; Eddie & Red

Favorite Wal-Mart buddy: JP

Coolest camp decor: JP's ex-wife

Cutest red panties: Mick

Head cold life saver: Mully

Awesome Families: Philip, Ann & Josh; Zoomers; MX-727 & clan; the Gomer/Lori crew; Okie & crew

Best Tag Team MX partner: Brownie (it's 2 laps!)

Toughest break: Whyzee, Lola & Aryn - heal up soon and hope to see you guys next year

Biggest teddy bear: Pred

Best gear: TheKid (nice space suit), Okie (nice tutu), JP (nice bunny ears), Tigger (nice helmet), Mick ( :confused: )

Lucky dogs: Solo, Dead

Best attitude on broken bones: Tarakar

Best Giddy Giddy: Elk (and Aimee too) ;)

I could go on and on and on............


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May 1, 2001
JP was the least like I had expected, and also one of the funniest guys I met. The way he just is funny without trying to be is, well, funny. But the one with the most comical personality was VD fo sho.


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Mar 17, 2002
I gotta say Red was least like what I expected.  I barely got to say hi last year and he didn't seem to talk much, I thought he was the "quiet" type.  Well this year sure was different!!!!  Man, you really came out of your shell dude!  You kept me in stitches all week long with facial expressions, outbursts, goofiness, and sheer comedic excellence!!!   :thumb:  I put you right up there on the same pedestal I put MILK on when it comes to bringing a smile to the face, buddy!  I can see Nik-dog needs to keep you in line much like Christy does for MILK.

Another one fo sho was the Extraterrestrial  Badass himself.....The PRED!!  Not sure what I was going to see when Jamir and Cam showed up with you.  Was kind of expecting someone who was a little on the shy side.  I can't imagine how you escaped meeting any other DRN members for the past 3 years or so, but I imagined it to be someone who did not handle social situations very easily.....WRONG!!!  You're a big huggy Teddy Bear who just happens to be partial to camo. Makes killer cocktails too.  Well, nuf said that I haven't already told you using the /TO feature in chat ;)

DEAD was pretty much what I expected.  Young kid, full of bright eyed excitement and a little piss'nvinegar on the side.  I was really glad to see you win the Ma'amba, you deserve it for wanting it so badly.

Beef706 was also somewhat of a solid choice on "what I expected".  Seasoned, burly, jovial and plenty of good nature.  It was really great to meet you!

LoriKTM and OffRoadWarrior:  I always thought peeps from New York unapproachable, but you two left this really great, warm impression on me.  I absolutley LOVED riding the trials bikes with you.   You remind me a lot of Karna&Justin, two people I have a lot of respect for and who I love hanging out with.  I was always happy to see you two around the campfire or to share a glass of that really great NY wine with.

CAM - I never would have pegged you for a trampoline jumper, but you go boy!!! 

Philip was pert near what I expected.  The Cajun accent fit PERFECTLY!  Aiiiieeeee!!! 

I'm sure I will think of more as they come to mind. :)
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..and Stan will be the first in the torture device for continually speeding in the pits...
Jan 1, 2001
Originally posted by Okiewan
..and Stan will be the first in the torture device for continually speeding in the pits...
Can I be after Stan?


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Jan 25, 2002
Pretty much everyone was more than I expected. Friendlier and much more comfortable with me than I was with them. I'm just a little weird that way but, I'll be a lot better next year. I kept thinking to myself "I can't believe how nice everyone is".
Now that I think of it. I was the least like what I thought I would be. I didn't ride as much as I thought, I didn't mingle as much as I should and I was a lot more shy (I guess) than I am. Must have been the noobie jitters. Watch out for next year, maybe the real Dapper will show up :confused:
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Oct 20, 2000
Originally posted by Dapper
I kept thinking to myself "I can't believe how nice everyone is".
I think it's because you live too close to New Jersey ;)


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Aug 7, 2001
I was a lot cooler than I ever expected me to be.

and quieter


Feb 9, 2000
Patman - a really nice fellow - looks good with clothes on too :p

SR KX Rider - the last time we met he looked like he just arrived from the Harley Dangerous Convention - This time I had to look for lil Eric to figure out the shaved and respectable Dad :)


Least Like I expected: Red and Nikki! Last year, they showed up on Thursday, parked behind Okies land yacht, and met all of two people. This year, Nik said they were coming for the whole week and were gonna meet everyone! Sho nuff, they were there when I got in Saturday morning and they really busted out of their shells big this year. *Sniff, I'm so proud of you two! ;) Red and Milky were like long lost brothers (or lovers...) Goofin' it up all week. And Jenny, too! She's come out of her shell and stepped up her riding in a big, big way. Last year all I got was a smug nod when I asked her if I was holding her up during the daytime poker run! lol

Everyone else was pretty much like I expected. After all the time I've spent with so many of you, either online or in person, I pretty much knew what to expect. Class acts all around.

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Sep 26, 1999
I was disappointed that SrKXRider didn't make it. When I got back home and online he was talking as if he were there! Sumbich knew I didn't recognize him and never told me who he was!

I was also surprised that Zio didn't enjoy me riding behind him as much as I did. ;)


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Jan 17, 2000
Yeah Red and Nik-dog came to play this year. It was good to see you guys having fun.

SKR was a bit different this year... barely saw him at DW01, never really spoke to him. This year he and Eric were camped right next to me and it was really cool getting to know him better. He's one of the good guys. Not to mention he shaved his mullet and lost like 60 lbs since DW01. Almost dint recognize him.


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Feb 15, 2002
The Cajun accent fit PERFECTLY! Aiiiieeeee!!!

Mais I aint got no ak scent no!!

I thought everyone was great! I felt right at home with all the great hospitality and friendly people. I was suprised by Red and Big Lou. I figured Red to be more reserved and Big Lou to be more outgoing. Both you guys are great. I thank all of you who don't have kids who made Josh feel like part of something special. That is unusual for younger couples without children. Randy I think you made a friend for life. Nikki thanks for all the activities with the kids you are a special person. Eddie & Aimee were really cool. Nat thanks for waking me up to meet me, I'll get ya back next year. :p We plan to spend more time at the campfire next year, seems like thats were all the fun was. Everyone we met was just great. Take care til next year. :thumb:

This list will be added to as the fog lifts and I remember more!
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