whole hog

Apr 6, 2002
Put the IRC trials tire on the front to match the rear. Will test it this weekend at VCMC.


the Eel

Sep 23, 2000
looks good ... not really that much different than a regular knobby front .. I think Scotter is gonna pick up a trials rear for the race as well
Apr 6, 2002
Well, I was unable to take the tire on the its maiden voyage at VCMC, but instead ran for a few miles of mixed terrain around Jawbone. I had concens about the tire being fishy and vague for steering, but it felt good. It accepted input well on the Eel's MF ridge, floated nicely and turned really well in sandy washes. But where it really shone was on steep down hills, braking traction was excellent and I feel I could just steer about anywhere I wanted to go, in the loose sandy rut, on the packed sand or rocky ridge. Im so far really happy with the front and rear combo but a full scale enduro will be the final jury, but Im sure it will suck, especially if you are a B Senior 250 enduro rider, so dont buy these tires.