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Aug 20, 2000
I thouht that I had my mind made up, thats it WR 426, then I started reading about the WR 250, Hum!:think I currently am riding a 98 KDX 220 R and love it except for the mixing of gas. I am 6' 2" 190 lbs and ride 75% trails and 25% mx. What I like about the KDX is it's light easy to control and powers up great. I really like the 426 and the thought of all that power (Used to own 95 KLX 650 R) but it is consideably heavier than my KDX. Now the 250 is about the same weight as the KDX but does it make enough power to keep me happy. I love bikes that will loft the front wheel easy in the woods and I'm not sure if the 250 is going to do the trick. Our riding conditions here on the east coast of Canada consist of tight , slippery rock and root infested trails, and a shit load of gravel pits. Damn Yamaha for making such good bikes. Any input would be great, I'm gonna have to make my mind up soon, I think that I may get a chance to ride a 250 and that may help.:confused:
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Dec 10, 2000
I am thinking of getting a WR also, but I am not sure it is the bike for me. I love the effortless power-wheelies my bike can do in any gear with just a twist of the throttle, and the WR certainly does not do this. It is a great bike, I enjoyed the short spin I took on a friend's, but it deffinately does not make the sheer power of a modded 250 two-stroke. It is more like a 125 with a very wide powerband, and it wants lots of revs, something I am not used to, as my bike is the exact opposite, making it's best power in the low-end and midrange.

The 426 is not a bike that I want, it is too heavy, and simply too much bike for the tight, twisty trails that I prefer.(here come the flames:eek: )
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Dec 30, 2000
Sandbar, NY
No flames Spanky, just the facts...:)
If SureShot is 6-2, 190 lbs, he should go with the 426. The 250 wont make the kind of power for him that he's really going to crave after a few weeks on the 250. Unless the trails you ride are super tight, you wont have a tough time handling it if you are a good rider. IMHO.
I am riding trails faster now than I ever have.


Apr 12, 2001
Sure Shot
At your weight, I believe you would be much happier with the 426. You wont be doing any effortless wheelies on the 250. Remember that the 250 is raced in the 125 motocross class.
At 5'9",165 my WR400 is a little too heavy for me, however the power, suspension, and handling are excellent. Also, considering the combination of riding you plan to do, the WR would be preferred over the YZ.


Feb 24, 2001
Confusion is good when it comes to buying toys.

I know with me this is going to sound like a broken record....but here goes.......:think
6'3"......and well over230 with all my gear on.......

I have the WR-250 and choose it over the 4xx series because of weight and power. I have a CR-500 and love it to tears......wonderful machine but the power and weight during a long ride or even a short one in real tight stuff flat wears you out. I have ridden the 4xx WRs and they are super, but I will flat run away on them with my CR....I know different bike it.
I posted earlier on an article in one of the Mags (Dirt Bike or Rider) where Scott Summers and a handfull of other great riders went riding in Ky woods with 4 machines.....(XR's) 250, mod 280, 400 and mod 440. When it was all said and done, the 280 posted the fastest loop times overall...and the 250 wasnt that far behind.:eek: Reason: light weight, smooth power delivery and well set up suspension. Even though the 440 had been mod'd and a rucksack more HP......(suspension too) it wasnt enough...go figure...........
....again for me.......I will pick light weight, smooth power delivery and properly set up suspension any day over more horsepower. Moose racing has done my suspension on my CR front and rear, Eibach springs, Steahly flywheel, pro-tapers on and on.......and I can ride longer, stay fresher and AFTER the first few loops FASTER on the WR, cause I am not tired and horsepower and weight whipped. Only a few of us that can use the HP that the big bikes have......sorry.....only a few....been riding tooooooo long........
I love the flys......suspension is smooth and once I get the risers and pro-tapers on it....I will have the pilot compartment set! I wish it had a bit more rush.....yeah.....but not enough at the cost of all the weight and the "rush" later in the day.
my $.02
I know opinions are like underwear.........every a#@hole has one really close to it......:confused:
The WR-250 or 4xx are wonderful machines and in the right hands....either one can fly and will be a hooooot to cant go wrong with either........
Enjoy your new ride.........!!!


Dec 11, 2000
I have to agree with Hawaii rider 100%! I had a chance to ride the New WR 250 this past weekend and I have a new respect and desire for that machine. I currently ride a 00 KTM 300 EXC and I’m 6.2 240 with gear and 44 years old. Our riding area is in Western MA and Northern CT. Needless to say the woods in which we ride are very tight and rocky where horsepower is not your friend. I was immediately faster on the WR. I was stunned! I was also depressed after having spent large on the KTM and all its mods only to jump on this bone stock 250 (go figure) and actually be quicker through the woods. No the WR is not a horsepower king, and will not win any “sand pit races” but there in lies the beauty of this machine. It does have very adequate power for our type of terrain though. You don’t have to rev it like some have said, you can ride it slow, but the power definitely lives in the upper rpm range. One other factor is that the thing turns effortlessly compared to my EXC. The thing is that all that slicing and dicing, cut and thrust, or whatever you may call it on a powerful two stroke is just wasting energy and time. The WR took me (old fat person) from turn to turn faster than my EXC. For Tight woods riding, this bike is great! Now if they could just put an E-button on it I would be a happy man.


May 4, 2000
I agree w/ the last two posts. I am 225 w/ gear and really like the power delivery for the New England tight trails. The 4 hunny class machines have too much weight and power I was never able to fully use. Again, like others have said, a little more power would be OK - but not at the expense of weight. At least with this bike I feel I use all the power it can give.


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Feb 10, 2000
I am comming off of a '00 KDX200 and now ride a WR250F. At first, I was a little dissapointed with the power as it was about the same as the KDX. Once I opened the WR up and changed the timing to YZ specs, it rips! It still requires more revs than the KDX to be fast but if you are on the gas it will move! The thing I like best about the bike is that it feels so light handles so well. The WR hooks up even better than the KDX and finds traction everywhere. I am very happy with my bike although I am considering moving to '02 YZ450 or Honda's thumper next year. I am about six feet tall and 185lbs without gear and unless your terrain is tight the WR might struggle a bit under your weight. Not that it won't be fast, but you will need to ride it like a 125 which is not really my style. Last Sunday I raced my first motocross and was third to the first corner in a field that was mostly 250 mx'ers. If you like power and grunt without high revs than I would go with the 426. If you are looking for a very light feeling bike that will shred trails but requires lots of throttle, the WR250F is one amazing machine. Try to ride them both in your terrain. Good luck!

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