Jun 18, 2001
I'm going to check out a '99 KTM 250 E/XC. Are there any model or year specific things to look for on this bike? Any problem areas that need special attention on this model? His asking price is $3,000. Any help would be appreciated... Thanks, Bill


Jul 21, 1999
Great price! That bike is awesome. Mine was totally reliable and just a load of fun. My friend has one as well and he had the same experience. As a matter of fact, he also bought an 01 400E like mine and is not sure yet if he made the right choice. He's keeping both until he makes up his mind.

The power is great for woods riding/racing. I'd put DF reeds, FMF pipes and rejetted. That all helped the lowend power and cleaned up the spooge. If you get the bike, ask for details. I'd be happy to share my specs.

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