Sep 19, 2000
My wife and I are enthusiastic dual-sport riders. I ride a DRZ-400 and my wife recently converted a 2001 XR-250 with a Baja kit. We use a Chatter Box system to communicate while riding, but there is LOTS of ignition noise from the XR. How can we best shield the system to reduce noise on the radio?


Jan 27, 2000
littleposo. Inside of your spark plug cap, there should be a little resistor and spring.
Unscrew the plug cap from the plug wire and look into where the spark plug goes.
You will see a brass screw in there with a screwdriver slot in it. Take a wide blade screwdriver and remove this screw.

Behind this screw, you should find the resistor and spring. Normally, we take these resistors out and replace them with a piece of copper rod for a hotter spark. If you don't have the resistor in your plug cap, you may want to reinstall one. This should eliminate your static problem.

If you can't find a resistor, let me know, I have a box full of them on my bench. I'll send you one.

Just my $ .02

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