XR 250 vs XR 400...whats the difference?

N.H. Hick

Mar 10, 2001
both of these bike are exceptional in the woods as a rec bike or a hard-core crash-and-bash race bike. But in order to figure out witch bike would be best in the woods for you would be to find a dealer and try to test ride both of those bikes. Terrain is also a very important factor in which one of these bike would be better. the 400 has more displacement and likes more open areas to "unleashed the beast" so to speak. The 250 finds it self more comfortable in terrain where 3rd gear is not an option and one little slip could cause some serious damage to you and the bike. either way I believe both bikes will keep you satisfied and wanting more time in the saddle.


Nov 2, 2000
the 400 has about 10 more horse and 17 more pounds. As a starter bike I would go the 250,If you are over 190 lbs or have had several bikes I would go the 400


Jul 21, 1999

Go with the 250. If and when you want to step up you can do a 280 kit and it's a whole new bike.

Yes the XR line is dated but a finer weekend warrior bike you won't find anywhere.



Aug 22, 2000
You might also want to look at the DRZ250, DirtBike gave it a great write as a trail bike and it has e-start.

The e-start is nice - but about the only thing the DR250 has going for it compared to the XR250. The XR has better suspension, a better engine, more hp and better brakes.

I rode a new DRZ 250 a few weeks ago - expecting to like it (I like the 400), it handled like a tank compared to the XR.

An option, if you like the electric start, is the TTR 250. Again, a heavy bike, but the suspension and the engine are as good or better than the XR.

But, there's a reason the XR250 outsells the DRZ and the TTR combined - it really is a great trail bike.

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