Apr 22, 2001
Can anyone help with info regarding the xr600r.I have a stock bike with 14\45 sprockets and a Ballards performance baffel in the stock pipe.Has anyone tried the Mikuni flatslide carby or any other performance mods .Any gems of info regarding this model would be greatly appreciated.

John K

Feb 22, 2000
- A pipe (FMF or similar)
- 38mm Mikuni Flatslide
- Good Quality Air Filter (e.g. White Bros., and K&N although many people dislike these I've never had problems with the K&N)
- deck 20 to 30 thoug from barrel (top) (check deck height first) This also slightly changes your cam timing but is beneficial despite this. Al Bakers (I think) makes an adjustable cam timing "sprocket" If that is a problem for you.
- Also 14:48 is about the best offroad ratio.
- If you pull it apart, consider removing the pesky auto decomp from the cam ('88 and onwards)
- Clean up the welds around where your header pipes fit up to the head.
- Port match the intake if you're feeling real keen
- De restrict, although you've more than likely already done all that.

The list never ends, but the pipe, flatslide and bumped up compression (one way or another) gives the best increase for your dollars. Also don't overlook the suspension department, with all the mod's I've made to my XR6 the suspension is still one of the best.
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