Kyle Oslos

Aug 22, 2001
I realize there have been many threads on this overall subject, but I was hoping to find something more specific to the 250F (I assume that there are differences in the oil change process from model-to-model and/or manufacturer-to-manufacturer - if not, could someone point me to the most descriptive thread in order for me to get DETAILED & DISCRIPTIVE instructions).

Nonetheless, the Yamaha service manual for the 250F does not specify how to change the oil in the forks. If a complete breakdown of the front forks is required for a oil change, then the manual would be fine; however, I'm hoping that I don't have to disassemble the forks just to drain & add new suspension oil.

I am realatively OK when it comes to performing minor maintenance; however, I do not want to tackle something that I can't finish. Also, if special tools are requried (i.e, impact driver) then it would probably be best if I left this job up to my local (and expensive!) Yamaha dealership.

Can anyone be of any assistance and/or point me to a past thread that would help? Thanks!


Jan 5, 2001
Your local Yamaha dealership is probobly located in a convienient spot right outside of town, or in your town in the business center. If you go to a rural non factory authorized dealership youll pay about half and get the same work. Just make sure its a reputable place and not Bill and Ted's Motorsickle shop in Deliveranceville, Kentucky or whereever.
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