Jimmy Lewis and Dirt Rider -- Thank You


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Jan 17, 2000
This is the first time any magazine has actually given any credibility to the online communities. I hope it is not the last time we are asked for participation. Seriously, congrats to all of the boards that delivered bikes and congrats to DR Mag for recognizing the online communities.

I am proud of the bike that was delivered for testing, proud that one of our moderators built it, proud that another moderator modified the engine and yet a 3rd moderator did the suspension and proud that this web site has become respected enough to have these leaders in the industry want to be a part of this site rather than just donate parts. Most of all I am proud of the way the discussions were handled here. We get a lot of heat about our moderation tactics and are often times criticized for being strong on the censorship. I think it is just a way to weed out the meatheads leaving us with a large mature community that really enjoys the sport, without the ASCI egos.

One thing that most boards have in common is criticizim of the magazines for product tests saying you bow to advertisers/friends and people that funnel money to your pub (potential subscribers). I think you called this one spot on and if you had given rave reviews of all bikes you would likely see an increase in subscribers, so thanks for being honest. You said our bike was loud at 97.2 dB and while still legal with the allowable variance, we agree. Despite having a forestry approval 96dB exhaust system on the bike it was still loud and if asked to participate again will be an area we will strive to improve on.

Thanks again for involving us, we look forward to the next time. :cool:
Dec 31, 1969
While I'm surely proud of the bike, the best part of our wirte-up as far as I'm concerned...

QUOTE from the Dirt Rider Magazine article:

I was honored to be chosen to test this bike. Not only because it was functional in every way intended, but after I scoured the message boards after testing I came away just as impressed with DRN's members and their unusual Internet attitudes. Not once did I find a smidgeon of smack talk toward any other bike throughout their threads on the project. Not once did I see an out-of-context remark blown out of proportion. No, as I lurked through their pages of content I felt like I was in an informative, mature meeting place where people could share their views and opinions- very rare in the internet world today. Other boards should take notice.

The Dirtrider.net/Service Honda CR500AFX is a bold blend of old and new, crazy and smart, Silly and functional. Sort of, I suppose, like the internet message board it came from. Good job DRN, you built a helluva bike out of what most people consider a dead horse, and you gained a new message board member: Me.


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Nov 25, 1999
Okiewan said:
While I'm surely proud of the bike, the best part of our wirte-up as far as I'm concerned...
That quote was important to me as well. The moderators make DRN what it is. They call a spade a spade and they don't allow the BS that is predomenant on the other boards. That takes a great deal of effort but it also brings credibility to the forums. The DRN community can smack talk with the best(especially the Tejas crew) ;) but when Rich steps in with his size 25 foot and his ASME knowledge, the one size fits all solutions suddenly need some new sizes. In my 7 years on this board, I've learned a great deal and learn something new quite often. I like "some" conflict but I really enjoy, well thought out discussion of different points of view and experiences. Good job to the Members, Support Team Members, Moderators, and Sr. and Jr. Admin types :cool: .


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Jun 30, 1999
I was glad to be a part of it as well. I watched all the forums and I thought the creativity by everyone was great. Lots of ideas and lots of work thrown into a short amount of time.

Everyone should raise their left arm up, bend it at the elbow and pat themselves on the back! It was just awesome to be a part of something like that.