Oct 14, 2000
Got a few obvious questions on this bike. Recently purchased a lightly used one for my son, so here goes:

1. What is the oil capacity?
2. Which kind of oil is preferred? Shell, Mobil 1, what else?
3. I'm running Golden Spectro mixed at 50:1 (same as my KDX) any problems there?
4. Would be interested in any and all maintenance tips from other mini dad's out there.
5. Where can I get an owners/parts manual ? (dealer not much help)

Thanks in advance for your input.



Pantless Wonder
Dec 26, 1999
Any KTM dealer should be able to help you out with the manual(s) if the original owner didn't have them for some reason. I doubt 50:1 using a good synthetic is going to cause any problems, been running it in my sons air cooled SX50 with zero problems. I know that some of the early 65's had issues with the frame in a couple of places and the wheels seemed to not stay true both of which are problems with the KTM 50's as well. I think knowing what year and a production date would help pinpoint problem areas.

Davie Mac

Feb 24, 2001
Hi Dave, The gear oil capacity is 300ml. We have tried various oils, settling for ATF-type F. which gives the best compromise for us. We use a 40.1mix of Shell synthetic. There is an informative site at http://www.ktm-racetech.com/ with a section solely for KTM Minis, which will have covered most of the questions you might come up with. Hope this helps...;) DavieMac
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